Canada Pavilion at the Conference of the Parties (COPs)

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The Canada Pavilion at UN Conference of the Parties (COP) meetings provides a critical venue for Canada to:

The Pavilion reinforces Canada's commitment to climate action and illustrates partnerships with Indigenous Peoples, provinces and territories, non-governmental organizations, industry and the international community. It embodies Canada's inclusive and collaborative approach to climate action, nature preservation and biodiversity conservation at home and abroad.  

The Pavilion also provides an opportunity to promote Canadian innovations including:

Our goal

Hosting a pavilion during COPs represents for Canada the opportunity to:

3 guiding pillars

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  • Highlight Canada's ambitious climate and biodiversity commitments
  • Feature Canada's innovation in clean tech and energy
  • Leverage Canada's international leadership on climate finance to drive further climate ambition in developing countries
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Demonstrate Canada's commitment to implementation through:

  • concrete actions
  • highlight the synergies between Canada's actions to address climate change
  • highlight actions to address biodiversity loss through nature-based solutions
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Showcase Canada's whole-of-society approach to climate action and implementation through the inclusion of a diversity of voices, interests, and perspectives, such as:

  • Indigenous peoples
  • provinces and territories
  • municipalities
  • civil society
  • youth
  • business
  • academia
  • foreign governments
  • international organizations

Canada Pavilion at COP28

The Canada Pavilion program reflects the breadth of Canadian climate leadership and innovation by showcasing Canada’s whole-of-society approach and the commitments and efforts of all actors. 

Pavilion programming largely aligns with the United Arab Emirates Presidency’s thematic days to highlight critical areas for climate action and collaboration. It will also feature an Indigenous Climate Leadership Day and ensure that diverse voices are reflected throughout the program.

Environment and Climate Change Canada is working with GLOBE Series to support the Canada Pavilion events program at COP28.

Learn more about the Canada Pavilion at COP28.

Canada Pavilion at COP27

The Canada Pavilion reflected the dynamism and scope of Canada's climate action at all levels of society, domestically and internationally. At COP27, Canada hosted over 80 events at the Pavilion, showcasing its diverse climate leadership on the world stage.

The Canada Pavilion opening and closing ceremonies included First Nations, Inuit and Métis Indigenous leaders. These groups shared their views on the role of Indigenous Climate Leadership in addressing climate change both in Canada and across the globe.

Canada Pavilion at COP15

The Canada Pavilion hosted over 70 events at COP15. This provided an opportunity for partners and stakeholders to showcase Canadian efforts and leadership on biodiversity conservation. It also amplified the voices of underrepresented groups, particularly Indigenous peoples, women and youth.

The Pavilion drove ambitious outcomes on the Kunming-Montréal Global Biodiversity Framework and set the stage to implement the framework post-COP15.  

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