Biological test method: sublethal toxicity tests to assess sediments intended for disposal at sea

Environmental Protection Series 1/RM/40, fourth edition

Note: This edition supersedes the original created in 1998 and other editions published in 2001 and 2006.

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Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) created this document to provide a consolidation of acceptable reference methods for performing sublethal tests for the assessment of marine or estuarine sediments or land-based excavated materials proposed for disposal at sea. The test methods assembled in this document and provided below have been developed and standardized to enable their use in a regulatory context specifically for disposal at sea assessments. Each method referenced is a complete method that can be used independently from the next. You can obtain full copies of the methods from ECCC at the address provided below.

This edition references 3 complete sublethal toxicity testing methods with an annex added, which includes 2 additional sublethal test methods that with advice from ECCC, may be useful in rare situations requiring:

Each standard reference method provides a description of the test and of the species that can be used. The methods also outline the following:

These 5 standard biological test methods can be used to help fulfil regulatory testing requirements for the characterization of a substance proposed for disposal at sea. These methods can also support other non-regulatory assessment of substances, and sediments in particular. When using this document to support the characterization of sediments proposed for disposal or placement at sea, it is recommended that you consult in advance with your nearest Disposal at Sea Program office for advice. Where not included within the methods, pass/fail criteria to be applied to disposal at sea characterizations can also be obtained by contacting your nearest Disposal at Sea Program office.

These methods can change from time to time. Any changes to these methods will result in a new edition of this summary document which is published on the Canadian Environmental Protection Act Registry.

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The 5 test methods are:

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