4. Pollution Prevention (Part 4)

Part 4 of the Act provides the authority for the Minister of the Environment to require the preparation and implementation of pollution prevention plans. The Act also provides the authority for the establishment of a national pollution prevention information clearinghouse to facilitate the collection, exchange and distribution of information regarding pollution prevention. Authority is further provided to create an awards program to recognize significant achievements in the area of pollution prevention.

This part of the Annual Report deals with the latter two activities. The use of pollution prevention planning requirements for risk management is described in Chapter 5, Controlling Toxic Substances (see

Environment Canada participated in the CCME Pollution Prevention Awards Program, which recognized organizations that have shown leadership and innovation in pollution prevention. In 2009, the award recipients were as follows:

The Canadian Pollution Prevention Information Clearinghouse is a public website that provides comprehensive information and tools for Canadians to strengthen their capacity to prevent pollution.

In 2009-2010, 74 new records were added to the clearinghouse, and for most of the year the average number of visits per month was 15 000. The clearinghouse continues to be an important tool for the public, industry and youth researching pollution prevention techniques, case studies and resources. Efforts to promote the clearinghouse continue through website links, articles and newsletters.

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