3. Conclusions

As detailed is Section 2 above, a range of issues respecting the proposed PCBWEIR were discussed in the three workshop sessions. Overall there was general support for the proposals, but there were some concerns. To better understand and therefore address the concerns of the participants representing the various points of view, this section summarizes the key issues raised according to stakeholder group.

Proposed changes of greatest concern to industry participants were:

Proposed changes of greatest concern to non-governmental and community participants were:

Overall, there was a plea for harmonization from many different stakeholders:

A number of participants thought that low-level PCB containing wastes were not actually wastes as defined in the regulations and therefore consideration should be given to including their control somewhere other than in the PCBWEIR.

The need for information, openness and transparency in the process of developing regulations calls for additional and more effective public consultation. It was suggested that public consultation guidelines be developed and implemented.

Industry representatives suggested that when seeking export authorization, technology or capacity evaluations that it might be more appropriate if this were undertaken as a country-to-country initiative.

It was proposed that Environment Canada consider requesting the source of wastes to address dioxin and furan concerns for wastes containing between 2 and 50 ppm PCB.

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