3. National Emissions Mark

Companies will generally be required to apply the national emissions mark to prescribed vehicles and engines that are manufactured in Canada for sale in Canada. CEPA 1999 prohibits a company from transporting vehicles or engines manufactured in Canada between provinces or territories unless the vehicle or engine has a national emissions mark applied to it.

The planned regulations will include administrative provisions regarding the national emissions mark11. These provisions will come into effect on the date the planned regulations are registered to allow early authorization to apply the national emissions mark to engines manufactured before January 1, 2007 that meet applicable 2007 model year standards.

Imported engines and vehicles will not require the national emissions mark as CEPA 1999 directly requires that imported engines and vehicles conform to the requirements of the planned regulations as a condition of their importation into Canada. Accordingly, the application of a national emissions mark to imported vehicles and engines will not be required to demonstrate.

Table 1: Summary of Regulatory Requirements
Canadian vehicle or engine manufacturer Distributor of Canadian vehicles or engines Vehicle or engine importer
For sale For other purposes
Company under CEPA 1999? yes yes yes no
Apply the national emissions mark X X
Supply vehicles or engines that comply with standards X X X (1)
Submit an end of model year emission averaging report X X X
Provide evidence of conformity upon request X X X (1)
Submit an importation declaration X X
Prescribed label is affixed to an imported vehicle or engine X
Provide maintenance instructions X X X
Cause notice of defect to be given, if necessary X X X
(1) The presence of the prescribed label on the vehicle or engine and a statement given at importation that the vehicle or engine conforms to applicable standards will be considered evidence that the vehicle or engine conforms to the prescribed or equivalent emission standards when it is imported for purposes other than sale.

11 These provisions will be very similar to sections 6 to 8 of the Off-Road Small Spark-Ignition Engine Emission Regulations.

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