Minister's response to concerns raised by the Canadian Chemical Producers' Association

Richard Paton
President and CEO
Canadian Chemical Producers' Association
Suite 805, 350 Sparks St.
Ottawa, ON K1R 7S8

Dear Mr Paton:

I have carefully considered the issues identified in your letter in determining whether to establish Board of Review. In my view, your letter has not provided any new information with respect to the nature and extent of the danger posed by the Kyoto Greenhouse gases which would thus warrant the establishment of a Board of Review in this case. Therefore, I will not establish a Board of Review.

Your letter raised a number of points concerning CEPA terminology and process which are beyond the criteria for considering a Board of Review but that are being considered as we move forward on this very important matter.

I appreciate your comments and look forward to the continued cooperation of the Canadian Chemical Producers' Association.

Yours sincerely,

St├ęphane Dion

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