Defect Information

(1) The notice of defect referred to in subsections 157(1) and (4) of the Act shall be given in writing and shall contain the following information:

  1. the name of the company giving the notice;
  2. a description of each engine in respect of which the notice is given, including the model, the model year, the period during which the engine was manufactured and, if applicable, the EPA engine family identification;
  3. a description of the machine or type of machine in or on which the engine is installed or is likely to be installed;
  4. the estimated percentage of the potentially affected engines that contain the defect;
  5. a description of the defect;
  6. an evaluation of the pollution risk arising from the defect;
  7. a statement of the measures to be taken to correct the defect; and
  8. a description of the means available to the company to contact the current owner of each affected engine.

(2) A company shall, within 60 days after giving a notice of defect, submit to the Minister the initial report referred to in subsection 157(7) of the Act containing:

  1. the information required by subsection (1);
  2. the total number of engines in relation to which the notice of defect has been given;
  3. a chronology of all principal events that led to the determination of the existence of the defect;
  4. a description of the measures undertaken to correct the defect; and
  5. copies of all notices, bulletins and other circulars issued by the company in respect of the defect, including a detailed description of the nature and physical location of the defect with diagrams and other illustrations as necessary.

(3) If a company submits an initial report under subsection (2), it shall submit, within 45 days after the end of each quarter, quarterly reports to the Minister respecting the defect and its correction that contain the following information:

  1. the number, title or other identification assigned by the company to the notice of defect;
  2. the number of engines in relation to which the notice of defect has been given;
  3. the date that notices of defect were given to the current owners of the affected engines; and
  4. the total number or percentage of engines repaired, including engines requiring inspection only.

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