Importation declaration form for off-road small spark-ignition engines

You must send us a signed importation no later than February 1 of the calendar year following the calendar year during which the importation occurred.

You may use this form to declare the products. Instructions for completing this form are available below.

Send completed importation declaration to the Regulatory Administration Section of the Transportation Division.

Fax: 819-938-4197
Mail: 351 Saint Joseph Blvd
Gatineau QC  K1A OH3

Regulated products include off-road small spark-ignition engines used in machines, such as:

  • lawn and garden machines
  • lightduty industrial machines
  • lightduty logging machines
  • bicycle engines
  • loose engines

Excluded products:

  • engines over 19 kW of power
  • others (see page 28 in the guidance document)

Part 1: Importer (refer to instructions)

A) Name of importer

B) Business number (9 digits)

C) Phone number

D) Email address

E) Civic address

Mailing address (if different from the civic address)

Part 2: Imported products information (refer to instructions)

(this table is for demonstration use only, cells are left purposely blank)
Manufacturer Make Model Model year
Emission families
Exhaust / engine family

Emission families
Evaporative family
Quantity Compliance statement number*
Machine (if applicable)
(this table is for demonstration use only, cells are left purposely blank)
Manufacturer Make Model Type

*see Instructions section for options


Part 1: Importer

For section A, enter the name of the company responsible for importing the product(s).
For section B, enter the 9-digit business number.
For sections C, D and E, enter the importer’s contact information.

Part 2: Imported products information

If the engine is not installed in or on a machine at the time of importation, enter the information under “Engine”. Do not enter anything under “Machine” for this row.

If the engine is installed in or on a machine at the time of importation, enter the information under “Engine” and “Machine”.

For the engine or machine make, model, model year, and emission family, look at the label, or contact the manufacturer.

Manufacturer: the company that made the engine or machine.

Make: the brand of the engine or machine, this may be the same as the manufacturer or a different brand.

Model: the commercial name given by the manufacturer to identify the product.

Model year: the year used by the manufacturer for the time of production.

Emission families: a 12-digit alphanumerical code that a manufacturer uses for engines when applying for certification with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). This code can be found on the U.S. emission control information label affixed to the engine or on the EPA Certificate of Conformity. A similar code also exists for engines that are offered for sale in Canada but not in the United States (for example, not EPA certified). An engine with a complete fuel system may have exhaust/engine and evaporative families. Both emission families must be declared.

Machine type: the name that refers to the use of the machine. For examples, look at the types of regulated products but can also include but not limited to: lawnmowers, string trimmers, snow blowers, generators, pumps, mixers, chain saws, chippers/shredders, pressure washers and log splitters.

Compliance statement numbers

For each imported product, you must select a compliance statement number.

If you are importing as a company, select one of statements 1 to 4.

Statement 1:

The product has the national emissions mark

Statement 2:

The company can provide proof that all of the following are true:

  • the product has a valid United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Certificate of Conformity
  • the product has the EPA emission control information label
  • the product is sold in Canada and the United States

Statement 3:

The company has submitted proof that the product meets the requirements of the regulations (see page 34 in the guidance document).

Statement 4:

The product is incomplete and will be assembled as instructed by the manufacturer. If you select this statement you must attach a letter from the manufacturer that says that the product will meet the requirements when it is complete.

If you are importing for personal use, you are not required to submit this form. However, the engine must conform to one of the above mentioned statements.

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We made this form to help you with your submission. This form does not replace the regulations. If there are any inconsistencies between this form and the regulations, you must follow the regulations.

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