Proposed code of practice for management of end-of-life lamps containing mercury: chapter 11

11. Record Keeping and Reporting

The following information, pertaining to mercury-containing lamps or processed materials received or shipped by the facility, should be recorded and kept in a central repository:

  • date, number of units, description and origin of each shipment of lamps or material accepted at the facility, and acknowledgement that the shipment was inspected and corresponds with the information on the manifest or bill of lading;
  • date, number of units, description and destination of each shipment of lamps or material shipped out of the facility, and confirmation of receipt of the shipments by the receiving facility; and
  • monthly summaries of material movement.   

All records, including repository, manifests, bills of lading, waste records, and chain of custody of end-of-life lamps, should generally be kept for a minimum of five years, unless otherwise specified by federal, provincial, or territorial regulations or requirements. The facility should assign a person to be responsible for keeping and maintaining records and documentation.

The selection of processors and waste management facilities (e.g., recyclers, commodity markets and/or safe disposal) should be a documented procedure that outlines the steps taken to define the requirements, develop the evaluation criteria and carry out the evaluation process.

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