Proposed code of practice for management of end-of-life lamps containing mercury: chapter 2

2. Objective

The objective of this code of practice is to prevent the release of mercury to the environment by identifying best practices for collection, storage, transportation and processing of mercury-containing lamps at their end of life. It should be noted that the proposed code of practice does not prescribe specific methods or technologies; rather, it provides information on best practices, options and considerations for various activities of end-of-life management of mercury-containing lamps.    

This code of practice is based on current environmentally sound management practices and concepts that have been developed by domestic and international bodies to prevent and reduce releases of mercury to the environment, taking into account economic and technical considerations. It also includes information on the diversion and end-of-life management options for northern and remote areas where access to recycling and disposal facilities is limited.

The code of practice may be used as guidance by various Canadian governmental jurisdictions within their waste management programs or regulatory frameworks and by other stakeholders. Aspects of the code of practice could also be referenced in industry plans for recycling programs that may be required under provincial and territorial waste management regimes.

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