Proposed code of practice for management of end-of-life lamps containing mercury: chapter 3

3. Applicability

This code of practice is intended to be applicable to facilities and operators who handle, collect, store, transport and process end-of-life mercury-containing lamps in Canada. The best practices in this code of practice cover various types of mercury-containing lamps including fluorescent tubes and compact fluorescent light bulbs, fluomeric lamps, metal halide lamps (e.g., for stadium or warehouse lighting applications), mercury vapour discharge lamps (e.g., for street and floodlighting applications), sodium vapour lamps (e.g., for street and floodlighting applications), cold cathode and external fluorescent lamps (e.g., for electronic display applications, signs), and automotive high- intensity discharge (HiD) lamps.

It should be noted that provincial and territorial jurisdictions may have requirements for managing end-of-life lamps. Some jurisdictions require end-of-life mercury-containing lamps to be recycled and managed in accordance with extended producer responsibility legislation. In jurisdictions where end-of-life lamps are considered hazardous waste, there may be additional requirements for their management. All applicable municipal, provincial, territorial and federal legal requirements must be met, and collection and storage sites and facilities, transporters, and waste management facilities must operate in accordance with all applicable municipal, provincial, territorial and federal legislation as well as the requirements that are set out under the permits or approvals issued by the appropriate jurisdiction.

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