Draft Code of Practice: safe handling of dichloromethane-based paint strippers, glossary

Glossary of Terms

The following words and terms used in the Code of Practice shall have the indicated meaning:

Film-forming material used for the decoration and/or protection of the surfaces of objects. Coatings include, but are not limited to, lacquers, enamels, powders, elastomeric materials, primers, primer surfacers, basecoats, midcoats and clearcoats.

Commercial paint stripping facility
Operation that provides paint stripping services to the general public as well as to other commercial enterprises.

Dip tank
Paint stripping process in which a coated piece is lowered (and often submersed) into a tank containing a paint stripping formulation.

Flow-over system
Paint stripping process in which a paint stripping formulation is applied to a coated piece in order to loosen the coating. The item being stripped sits in a shallow tank with an inclined bottom. The paint stripper is either applied manually (e.g. bucket) or automatically (e.g. hose/pump system).

The person responsible for completing the routine paint stripping tasks and who is normally on the premises during the hours of operation.

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