Implementation guidelines for Environmental Emergency Regulations: appendix 6

Appendix 6: flow chart for the propane exception

Propane Exception - Environmental Emergency Regulations

Propane Exception Flowchart: This flow chart will help the regulatee determine if the quantity of his propane on site should be reported under the E2 regulations or not. There are 2 steps with 2 questions to check if the 2 criteria for exception of the propane are met or not (Question 1- Is the propane store in a container that has a maximum capacity of less than 10 tonnes? and Question 2- Is the shortest distance between the edge of the propane tank(s) and the property boundary is equal to or greater than 360 meters?). If the answer to both questions is 'YES', then the propane is exempt from the calculation of the total propane quantity on site. If any of the answers is 'NO', then this propane quantity is not exempted and should be included in the calculation of propane on site.

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