Reference method for measuring emissions of nitrogen oxides from stationary sources

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Regulations, Codes and Protocols

Report EPS 1-AP-77-3

Air Pollution Control Directorate

April 1979

© Minister of Supply and Services Canada 1979

Catalogue Number En42-1/77-3
ISBN 0-662-50373-2

Environmental Protection Service Report Series

Reports pertaining to Regulations, Codes, and Protocols describe current legislation and administrative approaches favoured by the Environmental Protection Service.

Other categories In the EPS series include such groups as Policy and Planning, Economic and Technical Review, Technology Development, Surveillance, Briefs and Submissions to Public Inquiries, and Environmental Impact and Assessment.

Inquiries pertaining to Environmental Protection Service Reports should be directed to the Environmental Protection Service, Department of the Environment, Ottawa K1A 1C8, Ontario, Canada.

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