Service standard for the disposal at sea permit fee

Environment Canada has developed a new service standard in relation to the disposal at sea permit fees. The following standard will be relevant to anyone submitting payment for the disposal of dredged material or inert, inorganic matter, that is authorized by a permit to be disposed at sea:

  1. For the disposal at sea permit fee payments, Environment Canada will issue the permit holder or applicant an acknowledgment of receipt within 10 business days of receipt of that payment.
  2. For refunds associated with the disposal at sea permit fee, Environment Canada will, within 15 business days of receiving a complete request for a refund, confirm the amount of refund to be expected.

Any comments on the new service standard are welcome before July 2, 2015. Comments should be directed toward: 

Linda Porebski
Chief, Marine Protection Programs Section
Environment Canada
Gatineau, QC  K1A 0H3
Phone number: 819-420-7613
Fax number: 819-420-7624
Email address:

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