Process for nominations of Canadian climate change experts

Call for nominations process

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) invites member governments, accredited observer organizations and members of its scientific advisory body to nominate experts to contribute to IPCC activities through their respective national Focal Points. Canada’s IPCC Focal Point is George Enei, Assistant Deputy Minister of Environment and Climate Change Canada’s (ECCC) Science and Technology Branch.

Calls for nominations for Canadians to contribute to IPCC reports or participate in IPCC expert meetings/workshops are coordinated by the IPCC Secretariat for Canada, housed within ECCC’s Science and Technology Branch. After the IPCC launches an international call for nominations, the Canadian Secretariat solicits nominations from Canadian experts by sharing the call through an extensive email distribution list, the Government of Canada IPCC webpage and Government of Canada social media. To be added to the IPCC Secretariat for Canada’s email distribution list, please contact

The IPCC Secretariat for Canada sets a national application deadline several days in advance of the IPCC deadline to allow time for the review and assessment of nominations. All nominations are assessed by a Review Committee, which is composed of Government of Canada scientists and external experts who are actively engaged in science assessments or climate change policy development. Review Committee members are responsible for reaching consensus on a list of recommended candidates for Canada’s IPCC Focal Point to put forward to the IPCC.

The IPCC Secretariat for Canada informs successful candidates of their nomination status; however, the IPCC is responsible for making final decisions based on their assessment criteria and the global pool of applicants. Individuals selected to contribute to IPCC reports or participate in IPCC expert meetings/workshops are notified directly by the IPCC.

Nomination assessment criteria

When assessing nominations, the Review Committee primarily considers expertise and merit:

Additionally, the Review Committee considers, as appropriate:

A final consideration that may be taken into account by Canada’s IPCC Focal Point is the number of representatives that Canada can financially support.

The IPCC considers similar criteria when assessing the global pool of applicants. In the case of geographic representation, the focus is on ensuring appropriate representation from developing countries, countries with economies in transition and developed countries. Once the selection process is finalized, the list of selected experts is made available on the IPCC website.

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