Permit to export biomedical samples: information sheet

General Information

This application form is used when exporting biomedical samples from CITES-listed animals. This would include any type of sample such as blood, serum, microscope slides, swabs, paraffin blocks, etc.


  1. All applicable sections must be completed accurately and legibly. Incomplete application forms will not be accepted.  Attach additional sheets if necessary.
  2. Ensure that copies of supporting documentation are clear and legible.
  3. The application must be signed in order to be processed. Electronic signatures are not accepted.
  4. Replacement Permit - If is a request for replacement of a previously issued permit, the original copies of the previous permit must be returned before the new permit can be issued. A clear explanation must be provided for the request for replacement.
    • On the application form indicate -No Change- in those sections where the information has not changed from the previous application.
  5. For the permits to be sent by courier, a courier company and account number must be provided
  6. Allow up to 40 calendar days for the processing of a complete application. An application is deemed complete once all required documents have been submitted to the permitting office.

Submitting the application

Part 1: Contact Information

Part 2: Inventory, Shipments and Supporting Documents

Part 3: Current location of the Specimen(s)

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