Disposal at sea permit application guide: permitting process for excavated material, chapter 3

This chapter describes the 4 general steps of the application and assessment process for single and multi-siteFootnote1 permits under the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act, 1999 (CEPA) Disposal at Sea provisions. For your convenience, we have prepared a downloadable version of the permit application form for excavated material.

Itemized steps outlined in Figure 1 are applicable to both single and multi-site permits.

Figure 1: General steps to the permit application process for excavated material

3.1 Step I: pre-application

3.1.1 Applicant consults with the Disposal at Sea Program regarding proposed project, and Program staff provide initial guidance as required

3.1.2 Applicant submits a project description, preliminary site information, and any other associated site investigations to help inform sampling approachFootnote2

3.1.3 Applicant develops and submits a sampling plan, and Program staff review sampling plan for adequacy and advises applicant accordinglyFootnote2

3.1.4 Applicant submits a characterization report (that is, data results) and Program staff determine whether further sampling is requiredFootnote2

3.1.5 Applicant submits an assessment of alternative disposal optionsFootnote2

3.1.6 Applicant publishes "Notice of Application" in local newspaper

3.2 Step II: submission of permit application

3.2.1 Applicant submits a permit application with all supporting documentation and prescribed fee(s)

3.2.2 Program staff notify applicant that the application is complete

3.3 Step III: permit application assessment process

3.3.1 Program staff circulate the completed application package for review and assessment (up to 90 days)Footnote3

3.3.2 Program staff prepare an environmental protection plan, if required

3.3.3 Environment and Climate Change Canada renders a permit decision and notifies you

3.3.4 Permit is published on the CEPA Registry (up to 14 days)Footnote4

3.4 Step IV: operations

3.4.1 Permittee may now undertake disposal at sea activities in accordance with permit conditions

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