Environmental Emergency Regulations, 2019: Environmental emergency plan simulation exercises

The Environmental Emergency Regulations, 2019 require that a facility prepare and exercise an environmental emergency plan (E2 Plan). The E2 Plan must be created within six months, and implemented within one year of the facility becoming subject to the Regulations. The first annual simulation exercise must be completed within the first year of the E2 Plan implementation.

Environmental emergency plan simulation exercises (PDF)

What are the different types of E2 Plan exercises

There are two main types of simulation exercises: the annual simulation which is administrative in nature, and the full-scale simulation which is action-based and must occur within five years of the E2 Plan implementation. All exercises must be site-specific and follow specific criteria depending on the type of exercise.

Annual simulation exercise – This is an exercise that simulates the response to an environmental emergency that involves the release of one Schedule 1 substance from each of the hazard categories present at the facility. Examples that fulfill the requirements include:

Full-Scale simulation exercise – This is an action-based simulation exercise requiring the deployment of personnel, resources and equipment. The scenario must involve at least one Schedule 1 substance located at the facility. Full-scale exercises are typically the most complex and resource-intensive because they are staged in a realistic field environment with equipment deployment and involve many participants performing assigned tasks in real-time. Full-scale exercises give the team an opportunity to practice and validate their plans, policies, and a wide variety of the skills covered in response team training. Volunteers may play the role of victims and mock injuries can be staged. These exercises may involve other agencies, although role-players representing other agencies can be used if desired.

When must the E2 Plan be exercised

Annual simulation exercise

Full-Scale simulation exercise

When should the E2 Plan be updated

The E2 Plan must be reviewed annually to determine its effectiveness and updated to address any shortcomings or update information (as per Section 10). The lessons learned during E2 Plan exercises should result in regular plan updates and improvement.

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