US business fined under Canadian federal wildlife legislation

St. Catharines, Ontario - January 15, 2016 - Environment and Climate Change Canada

On December 15, 2015, Der Dau Custom Boots and Shoes Inc. of Brooklyn, New York, USA, was fined $5,000 during proceedings at the Ontario Provincial courthouse in St. Catharines. The company pleaded guilty to importing skins from, and accessories made with, animal species listed under Schedule I of the Wild Animal and Plant Trade Regulations, which are prohibited from entering Canada without a permit. In addition to the fine, the company was ordered to forfeit all seized items. 

Environment and Climate Change Canada enforcement officers conducted routine inspections of vendors at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, held in Toronto, on November 5, 2013. The Der Dau Company booth was inspected as several skins on the walls of the booth appeared to be of python (Pythonidae), crocodile (Crocodylia) and lizard (Tupinambis) species. Several items on display, including boots, shoes, belts and wrist bracelets exhibited python, crocodile and lizard skins sewn into them. It was determined that the items in question were authentic and not artificially manufactured, and had been imported into Canada without the required permits. In total, 108 leather products were seized during the investigation.

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