Compliance and enforcement policy for the Canadian Environmental Protection Act: chapter 1

What are Compliance and Enforcement?

The terms "compliance" and "enforcement" are used many times throughout the Compliance and Enforcement Policy for the Act. It is therefore useful to make their meanings clear.

Compliance means the state of conformity with the law. Environment Canada will secure compliance with the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999 through two types of activity: promotion and enforcement.

Measures to promote compliance include communication and publication of information, consultation with parties affected by the Act.

Enforcement activities include:

  • inspection to verify compliance;
  • investigations of violations;
  • measures to compel compliance without resorting to formal court action, such as directions by the Minister or enforcement officers, ticketing, and environmental protection compliance orders by enforcement officers; and
  • measures to compel compliance through court action, such as injunctions, prosecution, court orders upon conviction, and civil suit for recovery of costs.

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