Water withdrawal and consumption by sector indicator: data sources and methods, chapter 2

2. Description and rationale of the Water Withdrawal and Consumption by Sector in Canada indicator

2.1 Description

The Water Withdrawal and Consumption by Sector indicator provides information about the volume of water used in Canada. It reports the volume of water withdrawn, returned and consumed between 2005 and 2013 by the following economic sectors: thermal power generation, manufacturing, households, agriculture, commercial and institutional, mining, and oil and gas.

2.2 Rationale

Water is a vital resource driving Canada's economy. Many industrial processes depend on water for cooling. Water is also used for irrigation, cleaning, chemical processes, and many other purposes. Municipalities distribute water for both residential and commercial use, including drinking, cooking and cleaning.

The amount of water withdrawn and consumed by each sector is an important factor to consider when managing the water supply for wildlife and human use.

2.3 Recent changes to the indicator

In this indicator update, the municipal category has been split into two sectors: households, and commercial and institutional. Data has been added for two years: 2011 and 2013.

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