Water withdrawal and consumption by sector indicator: data sources and methods, chapter 7

Annex A

Industrial sectors used in the Water Withdrawal and Consumption by Sector indicator

The Statistics Canada tables Water use in Canada by sector and Physical flow account for water use report sectors according to the Input-Output Industry Codes (IOIC) from Canada's System of macroeconomic accounts: input-output accounts. The following table outlines the IOIC codes assigned to each Canadian Environmental Sustainability Indicators (CESI) sector.

CESI Sector Input-Output Industry Code
Thermal power generation Electric power generation, transmission and distribution [BS22110]
Manufacturing Food manufacturing [BS311]
Beverage and tobacco product manufacturing [BS312]
Textile and textile product mills [BS31A]
Clothing and leather and allied product manufacturing [BS31B]
Wood product manufacturing [BS321]
Paper manufacturing [BS322]
Printing and related support activities [BS323]
Petroleum and coal product manufacturing [BS324]
Chemical manufacturing [BS325]
Plastic and rubber products manufacturing [BS326]
Non-metallic mineral product manufacturing [BS327]
Primary metal manufacturing [BS331]
Fabricated metal product manufacturing [BS332]
Machinery manufacturing [BS333]
Computer and electronic product manufacturing [BS334]
Electrical equipment and component manufacturing [BS335]
Transportation equipment manufacturing [BS336]
Furniture and related product manufacturing [BS337]
Miscellaneous manufacturing [BS339]
Households Households
Agriculture Crop production [BS111]
Animal production [BS112]
Commercial and institutional Natural gas distribution, water, sewage and other systems [BS221A0]
Forestry and logging [BS11300]
Fishing, hunting and trapping [BS11400]
Support activities for agriculture and forestry [BS11500]
Support activities for mining and oil and gas extraction [BS21300]
Residential building construction [BS23A00]
Non-residential building construction [BS23B00]
Transportation engineering construction [BS23C10]
Oil and gas engineering construction [BS23C20]
Electric power engineering construction [BS23C30]
Communication engineering construction [BS23C40]
Other engineering construction [BS23C50]
Repair construction [BS23D00]
Other activities of the construction industry [BS23E00]
Wholesale trade [BS41000]
Retail trade [BS4A000]
Air transportation [BS48100]
Rail transportation [BS48200]
Water transportation [BS48300]
Truck transportation [BS48400]
Transit, ground passenger and scenic and sightseeing transportation, taxi and limousine service and support activities for transportation [BS48B00]
Pipeline transportation [BS48600]
Postal service and couriers and messengers [BS49A00]
Warehousing and storage [BS49300]
Motion picture and sound recording industries [BS51200]
Radio and television broadcasting [BS51510]
Publishing, pay and specialty services, telecommunications and other information services [BS51B00]
Depository credit intermediation and monetary authorities [BS52B00]
Insurance carriers [BS52410]
Lessors of real estate [BS53110]
Owner-occupied dwellings [BS5311A]
Rental and leasing services and lessors of non-financial intangible assets (except copyrighted works) [BS53B00]
Other finance, insurance and real estate services and management of companies and enterprises [BS5A000]
Legal, accounting and architectural, engineering and related services [BS541C0]
Computer systems design and other professional, scientific and technical services [BS541D0]
Advertising, public relations and related services [BS54180]
Administrative and support services [BS56100]
Waste management and remediation services [BS56200]
Educational services [BS61000]
Health care and social assistance [BS62000]
Arts, entertainment and recreation [BS71000]
Accommodation and food services [BS72000]
Repair and maintenance [BS81100]
Personal services and private households [BS81A00]
Professional and similar organisations [BS81300]
Repair and maintenance [FC11000]
Operating supplies [FC12000]
Office supplies [FC13000]
Advertising, promotion, meals, entertainment, and travel [FC20000]
Transportation margins [FC30000]
Non-profit education services [NP61000]
Non-profit social assistance [NP62400]
Non-profit arts, entertainment and recreation [NP71000]
Religious organizations [NP81310]
Miscellaneous non-profit institutions serving households [NPA0000]
Educational services (except universities) [GS611B0]
Universities [GS61130]
Hospitals [GS62200]
Nursing and residential care facilities [GS62300]
Other federal government services [GS91100]
Other provincial and territorial government services [GS91200]
Other municipal government services [GS91300]
Other aboriginal government services [GS91400]
Mining Coal mining [BS21210]
Metal ore mining [BS21220]
Non-metallic mineral mining and quarrying [BS21230]
Mine waterFootnote [A]
Oil and gas Oil and gas extraction [BS21100]

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