Confidential substance identity claim review project

In accordance with the Approach to disclose confidential information and promote transparency in chemicals, the confidential substance identity claim review project is a process that the Government of Canada developed in order to review confidentiality claims on substance identities that are older than 10 years.

The attached flowchart illustrates the process to review confidentiality claims for substance identities. The Government of Canada will review these confidentiality claims in four phases: pilot phase, expanded scope, annual cyclical review and Government of Canada driven needs.

The process has four steps:

  1. Identification of substances for review
  2. Targeted communication
  3. Broad communication
  4. Outcome

Results of pilot phase of the confidential substance identity claim review project

The pilot phase of the confidential substance identity claim review project was conducted from 2019-2020. This phase focused on the implementation of the review process for confidential substance identity claims of 24 substances, 23 of which are included in the third phase of the Chemicals Management Plan.

The summary document outlines the main outcomes of the pilot phase. It will also serve to inform the implementation of the expanded scope phase of the project. The document also includes a response to comment table for comments received in response to the Notice of Intent.

As a result of the pilot phase, the identities of 3 substances were disclosed, the masked names of 4 substances were updated in compliance with the Masked Name Regulations and the disclosure of the identities of 17 substances were put on hold.

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