Freshwater quality monitoring

Freshwater quality monitoring

Environmental monitoring, Assessment and reporting on aquatic ecosystems status and trends.

Services and information

Services and information

Atlantic watershed

Great Lakes, St. Lawrence, St. Croix, Churchill and Saint John rivers.

Hudson Bay watershed

Nelson, Saskatchewan and Churchill rivers, Lake Winnipeg, Lake Manitoba, Lake of the Woods.

Pacific Ocean watershed

Fraser, Yukon, Columbia and Quinsam rivers, Georgia Basin.

Arctic and Athabasca watershed

Mackenzie, Peace, Athabasca, and Liard rivers, Slave, Athabasca and Great Bear lakes.

Partners and agreements

Preserving the health of Canadian waters is a shared responsibility.

Online data

Water quality data, interactive mapping.


Overview of the role of the fresh water quality monitoring and surveillance division.

Earth observation satellites

Monitoring inland water quality, remote sensing of algae blooms

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