Canadian Ice Service


The Canadian Ice Service (CIS) is the leading authority for ice and iceberg information in Canada's navigable waters. It is part of Environment and Climate Change Canada’s Meteorological Service.

Ice in its many forms has a direct impact on the lives of Canadians. In southern Canada, from late fall to early spring, some Canadian waters become impassable or hazardous due to ice. Portions of Canada’s arctic waters become navigable during the summer season, but ice and icebergs are a concern for safe transportation.

The CIS provides accurate and timely information on ice and icebergs in Canada's navigable waters. This information helps:

  • protect Canadians, their property and their environment, by warning of dangerous ice conditions
  • support safe shipping and efficient maritime operations
  • provide essential ice knowledge to support sound environmental policies

Services and information

The CIS creates information such as:

  • maps
  • charts
  • alerts and forecasts
  • reports
  • newsletters

This information is useful to:

  • the marine industry
  • all levels of government
  • communities
  • researchers
  • meteorologists

North American Ice Service

The North American Ice Service is a partnership between 3 services:

  • the Canadian Ice Service
  • the United States National Ice Center
  • the United States Coast Guard’s International Ice Patrol

Together, we create a harmonized suite of ice information products and services for North American and international waters. They serve users' needs for safety of navigation and informed decision-making.

Ice and iceberg charts and bulletins are provided in joint areas of interest:

  • the Great Lakes (ice)
  • Bering Strait (ice)
  • the coast of Newfoundland and Labrador (icebergs)

Contact us

Canadian Ice Service
719 Heron Road, Annex E
Ottawa On K1A 0H3

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