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The Canadian Ice Service's mission is to provide the most timely and accurate information about ice in Canada's navigable waters. We work to promote safe and efficient maritime operations and to help protect Canada's environment.

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Current ice cover in Canadian Waters

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This map combines the latest ice information available from Canadian Ice Service charts. This ice information is updated daily in areas of known marine activity. In remaining Canadian waters, ice information is updated weekly from the regional charts which are issued at the end of the day every Wednesday.

Take a look at our Ice Products Guide to learn more about our products and how to interpret them.

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How to read an ice chart

This helpful guide explains the proper way to interpret ice conditions on our charts

Climate normal ice charts

30-year average ice condition graphics for the Arctic, Hudson Bay, East Coast, Great Lakes

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Fast ice and mobile ice in James Bay on February 10, 2017

Fast ice and mobile ice in James Bay on February 10, 2017

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