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Acrolein is a registered pesticide in Canada, under the Pest Control Products Act (PCPA) for use mainly as an aquatic herbicide in irrigation canals and as a microbiocide in water injection systems used during oil extractions. Since pesticides fall under the authority of PCPA, CEPA regulates the non-pesticidal uses of the substance.  Unquantified amounts of acrolein are also released from natural sources and the photooxidation of organic pollutants in air. Atmospheric releases from non-pesticidal uses of acrolein were estimated at a minimum of 218 tonnes of acrolein. These releases are from anthropogenic sources involving the combustion of organic matter (i.e., predominantly as a component of vehicle exhaust) or the forest industry. No releases of non-pesticidal acrolein to water, sediments or soils in Canada have been identified.   

CAS (Chemical Abstract Service) registry number: 107-02-8

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