Wood preservation facilities: appendix 2

Appendix II - Preventative Maintenance Programs Sample Checklists

Preventative Maintenance Program (PMP)

The objective of a preventative maintenance program (PMP) is to conduct and document regular inspections of all equipment to ensure that everything is in good working order and that any equipment problems are addressed immediately.

To conduct a PMP a facility should have:

  • plant-specific written instructions for all equipment.
  • routine inspections (frequency could differ between preservatives and plants).
  • documentation, compilation and revision of the information
  • identify the need for special attention to persistent problems.
  • checklists as method for implementation of the PMP

Items for consideration on the checklists include:

Daily Checklist

  • Visual inspection of process equipment during operation (per shift or daily) including tanks, pumps, sumps, cylinder and piping.
  • Drip trays for valves. Any free liquid should be removed.
  • Drip trays for pumps. Any free liquid should be removed.
  • Sumps should not have free standing liquid since it will not allow for inspection.
  • Records for chemical delivery and use including transfers to and from the concentrate tank as they occur and transfers to and from the work tanks as they occur.
  • Floor surfaces (unloading area, tank farm, drip pad) for damage or cracks. Clean as required but surfaces should be kept clean enough to allow for inspection.
  • Air compressor - check for leaks and oil levels. (Could be weekly for some plants).
  • General cleaning as required.

Weekly checklist

  • Tank, containment, sump and emergency alarms circuitry.
  • Spill response equipment
  • Sludge level in cylinders
  • Treating solution component balance
  • Filters: check and replace as required (could be more frequent for some plants).
  • Grease cylinder door wedges and door ring.
  • Inspect/grease (if required) trams or rollers.
  • Inspect fixation chamber floor and sump and clean as required.
  • General cleaning: perform as required.

Monthly checklist

  • Inventory of concentrate and working solution volumes.
  • Fire alarms, fire extinguishers and emergency lighting.
  • First aid and eye wash stations.
  • Cylinder door autolock.
  • General cleaning: perform as required.

Semi-annual checklist

  • Check and document that all valves not used regularly within the 6 month period are working.
  • Obtain print out of containment alarm (minimum) records from alarm company.

AnnualNote de bas*checklist

  • Calibrate level indicators, process control equipment and recording and indicator instruments.
  • Test alarm probe.
  • Check for vent blockage.
  • Check tank sludge levels and clean if required.
  • Check tank exterior for corrosion.
  • Obtain cylinder inspection certificates (or equivalent).
  • Check backflow preventer or as per manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Conduct indoor air testing.
  • Conduct underground tank testing, if present, but this type of tank is not recommended.
  • Conduct environmental monitoring.
  • Conduct biological monitoring.
  • Review training requirements.
  • Conduct spill enactment drill.
  • Conduct fire response drill.

All items on these checklists should be documented, including indicating the completion date and person conducting the inspection or work.

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