Wood preservation facilities, creosote: chapter D, table 11

Table 11. Additional Recommended Design for Chemical Storage Area

(Use in conjunction with Part I, Chapter A - General Recommendations for All Wood Preservatives, Table 11.)

Delivery format: Bulk liquids

(delivered by truck, or rail tanker)


Design feature Recommendations
National Fire Code of Canada 2010 (NFCC)
  • Special attention to the equipment and design requirement from the NFCC for flammable and combustible liquids (see Division B, Part 4).
  • Location of tanks
  • Equipment grounding
  • Design
  • Subsurface tanks and piping must not be used.
  • The preferred location for oil tankage (all solutions) is in an exterior centralized tank farm area.
  • Provide security precautions to prevent vandalism or access to tanks by unauthorized persons.

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