Conserve Ontario's Carolinian Forests: preserve songbird species at risk, chapter 10

Tax Incentives for Sustainably Managed Forests

The Conservation Land Tax Incentive Program (CLTIP) and Managed Forest Tax Incentive Program (MFTIP) are provincial government property tax programs. Landowners can receive property tax incentives for owning certain environmentally sensitive lands and/or managing those lands for conservation. Landowners interested in these programs should contact the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources for more information (see Relevant Programs).

Alternatives for Long-Term Conservation

There are a variety of conservation options available to sustain high-quality forest habitat for forest songbird species at risk. A landowner can put a conservation agreement (conservation easement) on the title of his or her property to conserve or protect certain natural features in perpetuity. Some conservation groups will lease significant habitat. Also, the federal Ecological Gifts Program allows landowners to donate ecologically sensitive land or conservation easements to qualified recipients, and receive significant income tax benefits; and the federal Habitat Stewardship Program and provincial Species at Risk Stewardship Fund allow organizations to apply for funding to secure and/or restore habitat for species at risk across Canada and in Ontario, respectively (see Relevant Programs).

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