Migratory game bird hunting

Migratory game bird hunting

Hunting permits, conservation stamps, hunting regulations and summaries, avian influenza in birds

Services and information

Services and information

Hunting permit

Buy a bird hunting permit, permit information.

Canadian wildlife habitat conservation stamp

Validate your hunting permit, information for collectors.

Migratory bird hunting regulation summaries

Bird hunting regulations, open seasons, bag and possession limits, provinces, territories.

Frequently asked questions for migratory bird hunters

Hunting methods, equipment, possession, baiting, leg band, U.S. residents, Waterfowler Heritage Day.

Overabundant species

Special conservation measures , Snow and Ross’s Geese, hunting dates, bag, possession limits.

Proposed fees for permits and stamps

Consultation on proposed fees for hunting permits and conservation stamps.

Consultation process for hunting regulations

National process, migratory birds regulatory reports.

Avian influenza in wild birds

Precautions, handling wild birds, reporting sick or dead birds, highly pathogenic avian influenza.

Status update on modernization of migratory birds regulations

Improving the management of hunting, and references to Indigenous peoples of Canada.

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