Prevent the spread of avian influenza in wild birds: poster

Follow these tips to stop the spread

Spot and report the signs of avian influenza in wild birds. Report a sick or dead bird to your relevant provincial or territorial authority or the Canadian Wildlife Health Cooperative at 1-800-567-2033.

Do not touch or feed wild birds by hand. If you are a hunter or bird bander, always follow safe handling practices.

Conserve migratory bird habitat so birds with access to high quality habitat and food will be more resilient to disease.

Clean backyard bird feeders and baths regularly, at least every two weeks, using a solution of one part household bleach to nine parts water. Rinse well and allow time to dry.

Separate domestic and wild birds by minimizing contact between domestic and wild birds, especially if poultry or domestic flocks have access to the outdoors or bodies of water used by wild birds.

Protect pets by keeping your cat indoors and your dog on a leash to prevent contact with wild birds and bird droppings.

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