Process for proposing and considering changes to National Pollutant Release Inventory: contents

Environment and Climate Change Canada, March 2016

pdf version available (954 KB)

This document presents:

  • Guidance on how to propose changes to the NPRI program;
  • A summary of the considerations to determine if NPRI is the right information gathering tool for the data needs and to determine whether a proposed change to the NPRI is warranted; and
  • A description of the consultation process used by ECCC when considering changes to the NPRI (including communications with the change proponent).

The Process for Proposing and Considering Changes to the NPRI is has been developed with the assistance of members of the NPRI Multi-Stakeholder Work Group and is intended to support the Guidelines for the use of information gathering authorities under Section 46 of the Canadian Environmental Protection Act (CEPA).


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