Scott Islands marine National Wildlife Area

The Scott Islands marine National Wildlife Area (NWA) is the first protected marine area established under the Canada Wildlife Act. This marine NWA was established on June 27th, 2018. It conserves a vital marine area for millions of seabirds on the Pacific coast.


The 5 Scott Islands are off the northwestern tip of Vancouver Island, British Columbia (BC). These islands, and their surrounding marine waters, are one of the most diverse marine ecosystems on Canada’s Pacific coast.

The Scott Islands area:  

The marine area around the Scott Islands is also an Ecologically and Biologically Significant Area. Fisheries and Oceans Canada recognizes this area because of its:

The Province of British Columbia already protects the 5 Scott Islands. The Scott Islands marine National Wildlife Area (NWA) protects the surrounding 11,546 square kilometers of marine environment.

This marine area is rich in seabirds’ favourite food sources, such as various small fish species and zooplankton.  

The area attracts 5 to10 million migratory birds each year. Many travel vast distances across the Pacific to feed in the area. Some, such as the Sooty Shearwater, are at risk globally. Other birds are listed under Canada’s Species at Risk Act:  


Environment and Climate Change Canada leads Scott Islands marine NWA planning and management activities. Other federal departments with responsibilities in the marine environment also help in the management of the marine NWA:  

The marine NWA will also be collaboratively managed with:

Map of the area

Long description

Map showing an area off of the northwestern coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia. The boundaries of Scott Islands marine National Wildlife Area are indicated. The marine National Wildlife Area follows a portion of the northwestern coast of Vancouver Island and extends out into the Pacific Ocean, covering the waters surrounding Triangle Island, Sartine Island, Beresford Island, Lanz Island and Cox Island. The scale on the map is in tens of kilometers and bathymetry is indicated in the legend in meters.

This map should not be used to define legal boundaries.

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