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Tintamarre National Wildlife Area
Photo: © Environment and Climate Change Canada, 2015. Tintamarre National Wildlife Area

What makes Tintamarre NWA so special?

Tintamarre National Wildlife Area (NWA) protects 1990 hectares of wildlife habitat at the head of the Bay of Fundy in southeastern New Brunswick. The NWA consists of a series of shallow lake basins (the Jolicure Lakes) surrounded by extensive wetlands ranging from fens and swamps to treed bogs. Established in 1977, the NWA provides valuable habitat for a variety of wildlife species including 184 species of birds.

Tintamarre NWA is also:

  • important nesting and migratory staging habitat for waterfowl such as the Green-winged Teal, Black Duck and Northern Pintail;
  • breeding habitat for marsh birds including the Pied-billed Grebe, American Bittern and Marsh Wren;
  • home to a diversity of other wetland-dependent wildlife such as the Northern Harrier and Osprey;
  • a refuge for 29 species of mammals including the Muskrat and Maritime Shrew.

Conservation efforts in collaboration with Ducks Unlimited Canada have restored some of the wetlands, which had previously been drained for agriculture. The NWA has also been used extensively for wetland research projects.

What are Environment and Climate Change Canada Protected Areas?

Environment and Climate Change Canada establishes marine and terrestrial NWAs for the purposes of conservation, research and interpretation. NWAs are established to protect migratory birds, species at risk, and other wildlife and their habitats. NWAs are established under the authority of the Canada Wildlife Act and are, first and foremost, places for wildlife.

Migratory Bird Sanctuaries (MBSs) are established under the authority of the Migratory Birds Convention Act, 1994, and provide a refuge for migratory birds in marine and terrestrial environments. The current Protected Areas Network consists of 54 NWAs and 92 MBSs comprising more than 12 million hectares across Canada.

What can I do at Tintamarre NWA?

Access to Tintamarre NWA is permitted for activities such as wildlife observation, hiking, skiing, berry picking and photography. Hunting, trapping and fishing are permitted, subject to federal and provincial regulations. For more information on access and permitting for Tintamarre NWA, please contact the Environment and Climate Change Canada regional office.

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Location of the NWA on an illustrated map of Canada. The NWA location is indicated by a general annotation in the province of New Brunswick.

Who can I contact?

Environment and Climate Change Canada - Atlantic Region
Canadian Wildlife Service
17 Waterfowl Lane
Sackville, New Brunswick E4L 4N1
Email: ec.enviroinfo.ec@canada.ca
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