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The circular economy is a new way of doing business that extracts as much value as possible from resources by recycling, repairing, reusing, repurposing, or refurbishing products and materials—eliminating waste and greenhouse gas emissions at the design stage.

Businesses can use circular designs to save money or open up new market opportunities such as turning pulp-and-paper mill waste into renewable bioproducts or launching product buy-back programs that enhance customer interaction and recover usable materials. The movement has been gaining global momentum in recent years.

By participating in the circular economy, communities, businesses and individuals are rethinking the potential value of materials and products before they become waste. The circular economy is finding ways to move toward greener, more sustainable options that support a cleaner and more competitive economy.

The long-term goal of the circular economy is to design out the concept of waste.

Here are six tips to become part of the circular economy:

  1. Use share programs such as libraries, tool libraries, vehicle and bike shares, and movie and music streaming. Rent products you can’t borrow.
  2. Purchase products made from responsibly recycled materials.
  3. Repair products or buy refurbished products instead of new ones.
  4. Support companies that offer to take back their packaging or products after they are used.
  5. Reuse or upcycle used household items.
  6. Consider package-free and zero-waste options.

Learn more about the circular economy and Canada’s approach.

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