Protect our Trees – Protect Nature Challenge

We all need healthy forests: They are the lungs of our planet.

Only on planet Earth can you find a life form that

You can help.

Find tree-planting projects near you with Tree Canada.

Embracing the power of nature to tackle climate change

Canada’s Climate Plan strengthens nature and climate benefits by capturing carbon to reduce overall emissions, supporting Nature’s resilience, and improving the quality of Canadians’ lives. Planting trees, conserving and restoring ecosystems, and improving management of lands and waters alongside Indigenous peoples, communities, organizations, and the private sector will benefit both the environment and society.  

Infographic showing how protecting and conserving nature can encourage biodiversity and help fight climate change.
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Embracing the power of nature to tackle climate change

  • Planting 2 billion trees
  • Protecting lands and waters
  • Establishing Indigenous Protected Areas
  • Conserving and restoring ecosystems

By taking these steps, we grow these benefits:

  • Removes toxins from air
  • Captures and stores CO2
  • Reduces impacts of extreme weather
  • Supports human health and well-being
  • Protects biodiversity
  • Creates jobs
  • Strengthens cultural identity
  • Encourages recreation and tourism
  • Increases access to natural spaces  

Let’s do this together

Share these challenges with your friends and family and show us what you are doing by tagging us in your social media messages and by using the hashtag #ProtectNature.

We’re on Instagram @canenvironment, Facebook @EnvironmentandClimateChange and Twitter @environmentca.

Need inspiration?

Check out our list of challenges to help protect nature.

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