PCB reporting system

Under Section 42 of the PCB Regulations reports referred to in Sections 33 to 38 must be submitted electronically in the format provided by the Department of the Environment.

In August 2015, Environment and Climate Change Canada launched it's new online reporting system, ePCB. The new system must be used to submit reports for 2015 and subsequent years.  The PCB reporting system, PCBRS, which was previously used for reporting, will continue to be available for a limited time for reporting years 2014 and earlier.

To access ePCB users must login to Environment and Climate Change Canada's Single Window Information Manager (SWIM).

Login to Single Window

For more information on reporting through the Single Window visit Environment and Climate Change Canada's Single Window website.

For more information on PCB Regulations and requirements you may consult the Fact Sheets on PCB Regulations or contact us.

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