Woodland caribou scientific review to identify critical habitat: chapter 8

Appendix 6.1

6.1 Science Advisory Group Members


The Boreal Caribou Science Advisory Group is responsible for providing scientifi c and technical advice to Environment Canada's review and preparation of a consolidated, scientifi cally defensible identifi cation of Critical Habitat, and/or a valid Schedule of Studies to obtain such information, to be posted within a Recovery Strategy on the Public Registry (SARA S. 41(1)(c)).


The Science Advisory Group will provide open and transparent, continuous peer review and advice throughout the process of the Boreal Caribou Critical Habitat Science Review. The Science Advisory Group is not responsible for managing or directing the Critical Habitat Identifi cation for boreal caribou.

Science Advisory Group Members

Dr. Fiona Schmiegelow, Chair of the Science Advisory Group
Dr. Stan Boutin
Dr. Carlos Carroll
Dr. Réhaume Courtois
Dr. Vince Crichton
Dr. Marie-Josée Fortin
Dr. Mark Hebblewhite
Mr Dave Hervieux
Mr. John Nagy
Dr. Tom Nudds
Dr. Richard Pither
Mr. Gerry Racey
Dr. Justina Ray
Dr. Jim Schaefer
Dr. Isabelle Schmelzer
Dr. Dale Seip
Dr. Don Thomas
Mr. Tim Trottier

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