Turkey Lakes Watershed Study reference list: 2019

19-01 Sebestyen, S.D., D.S. Ross, J.B. Shanley, E.M. Elliott, C. Kendall, J.L. Campbell, D.B. Dail, I.J. Fernandez, C.L. Goodale, G.B. Lawrence, G.M. Lovett, P.J. McHale, M.J. Mitchell, S.J. Nelson, M.D. Shattuck, T.R. Wickman, R.T. Barnes, J.T. Bostic, A.R. Buda, D.A. Burns, K.N. Eshleman, J.C. Finlay, D.M. Nelson, N. Ohte, L.H. Pardo, L.A. Rose, R.D. Sabo, S.L. Schiff, J. Spoelstra and K.W.J. Williard. 2019. Unprocessed Atmospheric Nitrate in Waters of the Northern Forest Region in the U.S. and Canada. Environmental Science & Technology doi: 10.1021/acs.est.9b01276

Summary: Water chemistry and isotopic tracers of nitrate sources were measured across the northern forest region of the U.S. and Canada and reanalyzed data from other studies to determine when, where, and how unprocessed atmospheric nitrate was transported in catchments. 6 of 32 streams had high fractions (>20%) of unprocessed atmospheric nitrate during baseflow. 17 streams had high fractions during stormflow or snowmelt, which corresponded to large fractions in near-surface soil waters or groundwaters, but not deep groundwater. Lack of monitoring for atmospheric deposition among storms (large, sporadic events) may bias perceptions of occurrence; sustained monitoring of chronic nitrogen pollution effects on forests with nitrate source apportionments may offer insights needed to advance the science.

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