Effluent Regulatory Reporting Information System user guide: chapter 3

3.0 Accessing Environment Canada’s Single Window

This section covers how to log in to Environment Canada’s Single Window and create an account or credential if you do not already have one.

1.  Go to https://ec.ss.ec.gc.ca/

2.  Select the language you wish to use (English or French).

Figure 3-1: SWIM Welcome Page

Single Window Welcome Page

3.  Choose whether you want to login using the Sign-In Partner option (your bank account credentials) or by using GCKey.

Figure 3-2: Sign-in Partner vs. GCKey

Environment Canada Single Window login screen

4.  Proceed to the desired login section.

i) If you choose the Sign-In Partner option, you will be transferred to the SecureKey Concierge service and prompted to select the sign-in partner you wish to use.  Select the desired option and follow the on-screen instructions to log in.

Figure 3-3: SecureKey Concierge

Secure Key Concierge

ii) If you select the “GCKey” option, you will be transferred to the GCKey service window. If you already have a GCKey User ID and Password, enter it now. Otherwise, click Register to create an account as follows.

Figure 3-4: Register Account

Register GCKEY account

iii) To begin creating an account, you must accept the terms of use of GCKey by clicking I accept.

Figure 3-5: Terms and Conditions

G C Key Terms and Conditions

iv) You will be prompted to Create Your User ID, answer the account recovery questions and Create Your Password.

Your user ID cannot be your email address: special characters are not allowed.

You need to remember this user name to login next time you enter into SWIM

There are 2 green boxes on the right side of the screen. One is titled “User ID Checklist”, the other “Password Checklist”.  These are requirements your User ID and Password must satisfy to be valid and for your submission to work (otherwise errors will show when Submit is clicked).  If a requirement is not met, the system will display a black bullet beside it instead of a green ‘a’.

v)  Click Continue to proceed.

Figure 3-6:  Continue Registration

Create your G C Key Registration Information

vi) After a confirmation message is displayed, click Continue again. You should now be logged into the system as a new user.

Figure 3-7: Completing Registration

Completing G C Key registration

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