Weather X (Twitter) accounts

We have regional accounts for every province and territory.

Regional X (Twitter) accounts

Tweets from regional accounts are composed by our local meteorologists and cover various subjects such as significant weather events, general weather information, educational information, and even fun facts!

How can I subscribe to regional X (Twitter) accounts?

Every province and territory has its own regional X (Twitter) account. Refer to the Regional X (Twitter) Accounts table below to find your province or territory’s X (Twitter) account.

Find your regional X (Twitter) accounts

Regional X (Twitter) Accounts
Province/Territory Account name X (Twitter) handle
Alberta ECCC Weather Alberta @ECCCWeatherAB
British Columbia ECCC Weather British Columbia @ECCCWeatherBC
Manitoba ECCC Weather Manitoba @ECCCWeatherMB
New Brunswick ECCC Weather New Brunswick @ECCCWeatherNB
Newfoundland and Labrador ECCC Weather Newfoundland and Labrador @ECCCWeatherNL
Northwest Territories ECCC Weather Northwest Territories @ECCCWeatherNT
Nova Scotia ECCC Weather Nova Scotia @ECCCWeatherNS
Nunavut ECCC Weather Nunavut @ECCCWeatherNU
Ontario ECCC Weather Ontario @ECCCWeatherON
Prince Edward Island ECCC Weather Prince Edward Island @ECCCWeatherPE
Quebec ECCC Weather Quebec @ECCCWeatherQC
Saskatchewan ECCC Weather Saskatchewan @ECCCWeatherSK
Yukon ECCC Weather Yukon @ECCCWeatherYT


Hashtags used to report severe weather
Province Hashtag
Alberta #ABStorm
British Columbia #BCStorm
Manitoba #MBStorm
New Brunswick #NBStorm
Newfoundland and Labrador #NLwx
Northwest Territories #NTStorm
Nova Scotia #NSStorm
Nunavut #NUStorm
Ontario #ONStorm
Prince Edward Island #PEStorm
Quebec #QCStorm
Saskatchewan #SKStorm
Yukon #YTStorm

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