Weather Twitter accounts

We have two different types of Twitter accounts: regional accounts for every province and territory, and automated weather alert Twitter accounts, matching all our city locations found on our website.

Regional Twitter accounts

Tweets from regional accounts are composed by our local meteorologists and cover various subjects such as significant weather events, general weather information, educational information, and even fun facts!

How can I subscribe to regional Twitter accounts?

Every province and territory has its own regional Twitter account. Refer to the Regional Twitter Accounts table below to find your province or territory’s Twitter account.

Find your regional Twitter accounts

Regional Twitter Accounts
Province/Territory Account name Twitter handle
ECCC Weather Alberta @ECCCWeatherAB

British Columbia

ECCC Weather British Columbia @ECCCWeatherBC
Manitoba ECCC Weather Manitoba @ECCCWeatherMB
New Brunswick ECCC Weather New Brunswick @ECCCWeatherNB
Newfoundland and Labrador ECCC Weather Newfoundland and Labrador @ECCCWeatherNL
Northwest Territories ECCC Weather Northwest Territories @ECCCWeatherNT
Nova Scotia ECCC Weather Nova Scotia @ECCCWeatherNS
Nunavut ECCC Weather Nunavut @ECCCWeatherNU
Ontario ECCC Weather Ontario @ECCCWeatherON
Prince Edward Island ECCC Weather Prince Edward Island @ECCCWeatherPE
Quebec ECCC Weather Quebec @ECCCWeatherQC
Saskatchewan ECCC Weather Saskatchewan @ECCCWeatherSK
Yukon ECCC Weather Yukon @ECCCWeatherYT

Weather alerts Twitter accounts

The weather alerts Twitter accounts send automated notification-style tweets of the weather alert issued for the subscribed area.

How can I subscribe to weather alerts on Twitter?

Every city page has its own Twitter page. Refer to the Find your weather alerts Twitter accounts table to find the specific Twitter handle associated with your chosen location, or click on the Twitter image at the bottom of your chosen location page on our website.

What type of alerts will I be receiving?

Weather alert messaging service using Twitter is based on information contained in the weather alerts issued every day by our meteorologists. The automated alert messages are a one-way communication. Every time an alert is issued or ended, a tweet is automatically generated and sent out on Twitter. A hashtag to help us identify a severe weather report is also included in every tweet.

Below is a breakdown of a tweet:

Tweet message details
Account Name
Alert Description
#City Name
Link to City Page
J. Link to radar page
@ECAlertAB14 14:20 EnvCanada
issued warning #Tornado   #Edmonton #ABStorm - -
@ECAlertBC74 15:35 EnvCanada
warning #Snowfall 5 to 10 cm #Vancouver #BCStorm - -
  1. Account name and Twitter address. E.g.
  2. Time the tweet was issued (local time).
  3. Indicates that Environment and Climate Change Canada sent the alert.
  4. Alert status: issued or ended.
  5. Type of alert that has been issued. A hashtag is included in every alert to make it easier to follow.
  6. Additional details, if available.
  7. Name of the city for which the alert has been issued.
  8. Hashtags list used to report severe weather.
  9. Link to city page where the alert can be viewed in its entirety.
  10. Link to (included only when severe thunderstorms are occurring).


Hashtags used to report severe weather
Province Hashtag
Alberta #ABStorm
British Columbia #BCStorm
Manitoba #MBStorm
New Brunswick #NBStorm
Newfoundland and Labrador #NLwx
Northwest Territories #NTStorm
Nova Scotia #NSStorm
Nunavut #NUStorm
Ontario #ONStorm
Prince Edward Island #PEStorm
Quebec #QCStorm
Saskatchewan #SKStorm
Yukon #YTStorm

Find your weather alerts Twitter accounts

Twitter Accounts
Province/Territory City Twitter Account
Alberta (AB) Airdrie @ECAlertAB12
Alberta (AB) Athabasca @ECAlertAB10
Alberta (AB) Banff @ECAlertAB49
Alberta (AB) Barrhead @ECAlertAB2
Alberta (AB) Beaverlodge @ECAlertAB57
Alberta (AB) Bow Island @ECAlertAB43
Alberta (AB) Bow Valley (Provincial Park) @ECAlertAB42
Alberta (AB) Breton @ECAlertAB36
Alberta (AB) Brooks @ECAlertAB58
Alberta (AB) Calgary @ECAlertAB52
Alberta (AB) Calgary (Olympic Park) @ECAlertAB61
Alberta (AB) Camrose @ECAlertAB18
Alberta (AB) Canmore @ECAlertAB3
Alberta (AB) Cardston @ECAlertAB64
Alberta (AB) Claresholm @ECAlertAB60
Alberta (AB) Cochrane @ECAlertAB1
Alberta (AB) Cold Lake @ECAlertAB23
Alberta (AB) Coronation @ECAlertAB59
Alberta (AB) Crowsnest @ECAlertAB17
Alberta (AB) Drayton Valley @ECAlertAB48
Alberta (AB) Drumheller @ECAlertAB62
Alberta (AB) Edmonton @ECAlertAB50
Alberta (AB) Edmonton (Int'l Arpt) @ECAlertAB71
Alberta (AB) Edson @ECAlertAB72
Alberta (AB) Elk Island (National Park) @ECAlertAB63
Alberta (AB) Esther @ECAlertAB67
Alberta (AB) Fort Chipewyan @ECAlertAB28
Alberta (AB) Fort McMurray @ECAlertAB20
Alberta (AB) Garden Creek @ECAlertAB65
Alberta (AB) Grande Cache @ECAlertAB45
Alberta (AB) Grande Prairie @ECAlertAB31
Alberta (AB) Hendrickson Creek @ECAlertAB37
Alberta (AB) High Level @ECAlertAB24
Alberta (AB) High River @ECAlertAB4
Alberta (AB) Highvale @ECAlertAB68
Alberta (AB) Hinton @ECAlertAB14
Alberta (AB) Jasper @ECAlertAB70
Alberta (AB) Kananaskis (Nakiska Ridgetop) @ECAlertAB34
Alberta (AB) Lac La Biche @ECAlertAB32
Alberta (AB) Lacombe @ECAlertAB39
Alberta (AB) Lethbridge @ECAlertAB30
Alberta (AB) Lloydminster @ECAlertAB15
Alberta (AB) Medicine Hat @ECAlertAB51
Alberta (AB) Mildred Lake @ECAlertAB33
Alberta (AB) Milk River @ECAlertAB19
Alberta (AB) Nordegg @ECAlertAB38
Alberta (AB) Okotoks @ECAlertAB11
Alberta (AB) Onefour @ECAlertAB35
Alberta (AB) Peace River @ECAlertAB25
Alberta (AB) Pincher Creek @ECAlertAB46
Alberta (AB) Rainbow Lake @ECAlertAB21
Alberta (AB) Red Deer @ECAlertAB29
Alberta (AB) Red Earth Creek @ECAlertAB40
Alberta (AB) Rocky Mountain House @ECAlertAB16
Alberta (AB) Slave Lake @ECAlertAB54
Alberta (AB) Stavely @ECAlertAB44
Alberta (AB) Stettler @ECAlertAB5
Alberta (AB) Stony Plain @ECAlertAB22
Alberta (AB) Strathmore @ECAlertAB6
Alberta (AB) Suffield @ECAlertAB47
Alberta (AB) Sundre @ECAlertAB53
Alberta (AB) Taber @ECAlertAB7
Alberta (AB) Three Hills @ECAlertAB69
Alberta (AB) Vauxhall @ECAlertAB27
Alberta (AB) Vegreville @ECAlertAB26
Alberta (AB) Wainwright @ECAlertAB55
Alberta (AB) Waterton Park @ECAlertAB66
Alberta (AB) Westlock @ECAlertAB8
Alberta (AB) Wetaskiwin @ECAlertAB9
Alberta (AB) Whitecourt @ECAlertAB56
Alberta (AB) Willow Creek (Provincial Park) @ECAlertAB41
British Columbia (BC) 100 Mile House @ECAlertBC7
British Columbia (BC) Abbotsford @ECAlertBC81
British Columbia (BC) Agassiz @ECAlertBC70
British Columbia (BC) Atlin @ECAlertBC67
British Columbia (BC) Bella Bella @ECAlertBC94
British Columbia (BC) Bella Coola @ECAlertBC18
British Columbia (BC) Blue River @ECAlertBC22
British Columbia (BC) Burns Lake @ECAlertBC43
British Columbia (BC) Cache Creek @ECAlertBC55
British Columbia (BC) Campbell River @ECAlertBC19
British Columbia (BC) Cassiar @ECAlertBC6
British Columbia (BC) Castlegar @ECAlertBC21
British Columbia (BC) Chetwynd @ECAlertBC23
British Columbia (BC) Chilliwack @ECAlertBC24
British Columbia (BC) Clearwater @ECAlertBC12
British Columbia (BC) Clinton @ECAlertBC91
British Columbia (BC) Comox @ECAlertBC61
British Columbia (BC) Courtenay @ECAlertBC92
British Columbia (BC) Cranbrook @ECAlertBC77
British Columbia (BC) Creston @ECAlertBC26
British Columbia (BC) Cummins Lakes (Provincial Park) @ECAlertBC95
British Columbia (BC) Dawson Creek @ECAlertBC25
British Columbia (BC) Dease Lake @ECAlertBC14
British Columbia (BC) Dome Creek @ECAlertBC8
British Columbia (BC) Duncan @ECAlertBC97
British Columbia (BC) Esquimalt @ECAlertBC40
British Columbia (BC) Estevan Point @ECAlertBC15
British Columbia (BC) Fort Nelson @ECAlertBC83
British Columbia (BC) Fort St. John @ECAlertBC78
British Columbia (BC) Gibsons @ECAlertBC1
British Columbia (BC) Golden @ECAlertBC034
British Columbia (BC) Gonzales Point @ECAlertBC32
British Columbia (BC) Good Hope Lake @ECAlertBC9
British Columbia (BC) Grand Forks @ECAlertBC39
British Columbia (BC) Gulf Islands (Southern) @ECAlertBC93
British Columbia (BC) Hope @ECAlertBC36
British Columbia (BC) Hope Slide @ECAlertBC31
British Columbia (BC) Invermere @ECAlertBC72
British Columbia (BC) Kamloops @ECAlertBC45
British Columbia (BC) Kelowna @ECAlertBC48
British Columbia (BC) Kitimat @ECAlertBC30
British Columbia (BC) Kootenay (National Park) @ECAlertBC11
British Columbia (BC) Langley @ECAlertBC100
British Columbia (BC) Liard River @ECAlertBC87
British Columbia (BC) Lillooet @ECAlertBC28
British Columbia (BC) Lytton @ECAlertBC33
British Columbia (BC) Mackenzie @ECAlertBC90
British Columbia (BC) Malahat @ECAlertBC29
British Columbia (BC) Masset @ECAlertBC56
British Columbia (BC) McBride @ECAlertBC47
British Columbia (BC) Merritt @ECAlertBC49
British Columbia (BC) Muncho Lake @ECAlertBC63
British Columbia (BC) Nakusp @ECAlertBC38
British Columbia (BC) Nanaimo @ECAlertBC20
British Columbia (BC) Nelson @ECAlertBC37
British Columbia (BC) Osoyoos @ECAlertBC69
British Columbia (BC) Pemberton @ECAlertBC16
British Columbia (BC) Penticton @ECAlertBC84
British Columbia (BC) Pitt Meadows @ECAlertBC35
British Columbia (BC) Port Alberni @ECAlertBC46
British Columbia (BC) Port Hardy @ECAlertBC89
British Columbia (BC) Powell River @ECAlertBC58
British Columbia (BC) Prince George @ECAlertBC79
British Columbia (BC) Prince Rupert @ECAlertBC57
British Columbia (BC) Princeton @ECAlertBC41
British Columbia (BC) Puntzi Mountain @ECAlertBC42
British Columbia (BC) Qualicum Beach @ECAlertBC98
British Columbia (BC) Quesnel @ECAlertBC64
British Columbia (BC) Revelstoke @ECAlertBC65
British Columbia (BC) Richmond @ECAlertBC96
British Columbia (BC) Rock Creek @ECAlertBC10
British Columbia (BC) Salmon Arm @ECAlertBC51
British Columbia (BC) Sandspit @ECAlertBC88
British Columbia (BC) Sechelt @ECAlertBC3
British Columbia (BC) Smithers @ECAlertBC82
British Columbia (BC) Sparwood @ECAlertBC52
British Columbia (BC) Squamish @ECAlertBC50
British Columbia (BC) Stewart @ECAlertBC73
British Columbia (BC) Summerland @ECAlertBC54
British Columbia (BC) Tatlayoko Lake @ECAlertBC60
British Columbia (BC) Terrace @ECAlertBC80
British Columbia (BC) Tetsa River (Provincial Park) @ECAlertBC53
British Columbia (BC) Tofino @ECAlertBC17
British Columbia (BC) Trail @ECAlertBC71
British Columbia (BC) Ucluelet @ECAlertBC5
British Columbia (BC) Valemount @ECAlertBC13
British Columbia (BC) Vancouver @ECAlertBC74
British Columbia (BC) Vanderhoof @ECAlertBC44
British Columbia (BC) Vernon @ECAlertBC27
British Columbia (BC) Victoria @ECAlertBC85
British Columbia (BC) Victoria (Hartland) @ECAlertBC59
British Columbia (BC) Victoria (University of) @ECAlertBC66
British Columbia (BC) Victoria Harbour @ECAlertBC75
British Columbia (BC) West Vancouver @ECAlertBC99
British Columbia (BC) Whistler @ECAlertBC86
British Columbia (BC) White Rock @ECAlertBC62
British Columbia (BC) Williams Lake @ECAlertBC76
British Columbia (BC) Yoho (National Park) @ECAlertBC68
Manitoba (MB) Altona @ECAlertMB3
Manitoba (MB) Arnes @ECAlertMB21
Manitoba (MB) Bachelors Island @ECAlertMB43
Manitoba (MB) Berens River @ECAlertMB54
Manitoba (MB) Bissett @ECAlertMB33
Manitoba (MB) Bloodvein @ECAlertMB37
Manitoba (MB) Brandon @ECAlertMB52
Manitoba (MB) Brochet @ECAlertMB53
Manitoba (MB) Carberry @ECAlertMB35
Manitoba (MB) Carman @ECAlertMB65
Manitoba (MB) Churchill @ECAlertMB42
Manitoba (MB) Dauphin @ECAlertMB58
Manitoba (MB) Deerwood @ECAlertMB49
Manitoba (MB) Delta @ECAlertMB40
Manitoba (MB) Dominion City @ECAlertMB2
Manitoba (MB) Emerson @ECAlertMB47
Manitoba (MB) Fisher Branch @ECAlertMB24
Manitoba (MB) Flin Flon @ECAlertMB60
Manitoba (MB) Gillam @ECAlertMB64
Manitoba (MB) Gimli @ECAlertMB62
Manitoba (MB) Gods Lake @ECAlertMB63
Manitoba (MB) Grand Beach @ECAlertMB9
Manitoba (MB) Grand Rapids @ECAlertMB57
Manitoba (MB) Gretna @ECAlertMB48
Manitoba (MB) Hunters Point @ECAlertMB50
Manitoba (MB) Island Lake @ECAlertMB59
Manitoba (MB) Leaf Rapids @ECAlertMB22
Manitoba (MB) Little Grand Rapids @ECAlertMB18
Manitoba (MB) Lynn Lake @ECAlertMB41
Manitoba (MB) McCreary @ECAlertMB15
Manitoba (MB) Melita @ECAlertMB45
Manitoba (MB) Minnedosa @ECAlertMB10
Manitoba (MB) Morden @ECAlertMB17
Manitoba (MB) Morris @ECAlertMB11
Manitoba (MB) Norway House @ECAlertMB25
Manitoba (MB) Oak Point @ECAlertMB14
Manitoba (MB) Oxford House @ECAlertMB27
Manitoba (MB) Pilot Mound @ECAlertMB19
Manitoba (MB) Pinawa @ECAlertMB44
Manitoba (MB) Pine Falls @ECAlertMB4
Manitoba (MB) Poplar River @ECAlertMB5
Manitoba (MB) Portage la Prairie @ECAlertMB29
Manitoba (MB) Pukatawagan @ECAlertMB67
Manitoba (MB) Richer @ECAlertMB6
Manitoba (MB) Roblin @ECAlertMB32
Manitoba (MB) Shamattawa @ECAlertMB39
Manitoba (MB) Shilo @ECAlertMB61
Manitoba (MB) Shoal Lake @ECAlertMB28
Manitoba (MB) Snow Lake @ECAlertMB12
Manitoba (MB) Souris @ECAlertMB16
Manitoba (MB) Sprague @ECAlertMB23
Manitoba (MB) Steinbach @ECAlertMB13
Manitoba (MB) Swan River @ECAlertMB46
Manitoba (MB) Tadoule Lake @ECAlertMB51
Manitoba (MB) The Pas @ECAlertMB30
Manitoba (MB) Thompson @ECAlertMB34
Manitoba (MB) Turtle Mountain (Provincial Park) @ECAlertMB66
Manitoba (MB) Victoria Beach @ECAlertMB55
Manitoba (MB) Virden @ECAlertMB20
Manitoba (MB) Vita @ECAlertMB7
Manitoba (MB) Wasagaming @ECAlertMB31
Manitoba (MB) Whiteshell @ECAlertMB8
Manitoba (MB) Winkler @ECAlertMB26
Manitoba (MB) Winnipeg @ECAlertMB38
Manitoba (MB) Winnipeg (The Forks) @ECAlertMB36
Manitoba (MB) York Factory @ECAlertMB56
New Brunswick (NB) Bas-Caraquet @ECAlertNB22
New Brunswick (NB) Bathurst @ECAlertNB28
New Brunswick (NB) Bouctouche @ECAlertNB1
New Brunswick (NB) Campbellton @ECAlertNB2
New Brunswick (NB) Charlo @ECAlertNB30
New Brunswick (NB) Chipman @ECAlertNB3
New Brunswick (NB) Dalhousie @ECAlertNB26
New Brunswick (NB) Doaktown @ECAlertNB4
New Brunswick (NB) Edmundston @ECAlertNB32
New Brunswick (NB) Fredericton @ECAlertNB29
New Brunswick (NB) Fundy (National Park) @ECAlertNB5
New Brunswick (NB) Grand Falls @ECAlertNB6
New Brunswick (NB) Grand Manan @ECAlertNB27
New Brunswick (NB) Hopewell @ECAlertNB8
New Brunswick (NB) Kouchibouguac @ECAlertNB9
New Brunswick (NB) Miramichi @ECAlertNB25
New Brunswick (NB) Miscou Island @ECAlertNB31
New Brunswick (NB) Moncton @ECAlertNB36
New Brunswick (NB) Mount Carleton (Provincial Park) @ECAlertNB10
New Brunswick (NB) Oromocto @ECAlertNB11
New Brunswick (NB) Point Escuminac @ECAlertNB34
New Brunswick (NB) Point Lepreau @ECAlertNB33
New Brunswick (NB) Quispamsis @ECAlertNB12
New Brunswick (NB) Richibucto @ECAlertNB13
New Brunswick (NB) Rogersville @ECAlertNB14
New Brunswick (NB) Sackville @ECAlertNB15
New Brunswick (NB) Saint Andrews @ECAlertNB18
New Brunswick (NB) Saint John @ECAlertNB23
New Brunswick (NB) Saint-Quentin @ECAlertNB16
New Brunswick (NB) Shediac @ECAlertNB17
New Brunswick (NB) St. Leonard @ECAlertNB24
New Brunswick (NB) St. Stephen @ECAlertNB35
New Brunswick (NB) Sussex @ECAlertNB19
New Brunswick (NB) Tracadie-Sheila @ECAlertNB20
New Brunswick (NB) Woodstock @ECAlertNB21
Newfoundland and Labrador (NL) Badger @ECAlertNL34
Newfoundland and Labrador (NL) Bay Roberts @ECAlertNL43
Newfoundland and Labrador (NL) Bonavista @ECAlertNL14
Newfoundland and Labrador (NL) Buchans @ECAlertNL4
Newfoundland and Labrador (NL) Burgeo @ECAlertNL31
Newfoundland and Labrador (NL) Campbellton @ECAlertNL2
Newfoundland and Labrador (NL) Cape Race @ECAlertNL28
Newfoundland and Labrador (NL) Cartwright @ECAlertNL32
Newfoundland and Labrador (NL) Cartwright Junction (Trans-Labrador Hwy) @ECAlertNL47
Newfoundland and Labrador (NL) Channel - Port aux Basques @ECAlertNL17
Newfoundland and Labrador (NL) Churchill Falls @ECAlertNL21
Newfoundland and Labrador (NL) Clarenville @ECAlertNL1
Newfoundland and Labrador (NL) Corner Brook @ECAlertNL41
Newfoundland and Labrador (NL) Daniel's Harbour @ECAlertNL33
Newfoundland and Labrador (NL) Deer Lake @ECAlertNL39
Newfoundland and Labrador (NL) Englee @ECAlertNL44
Newfoundland and Labrador (NL) Gander @ECAlertNL16
Newfoundland and Labrador (NL) Grand Bank @ECAlertNL5
Newfoundland and Labrador (NL) Grand Falls-Windsor @ECAlertNL6
Newfoundland and Labrador (NL) Gros Morne @ECAlertNL7
Newfoundland and Labrador (NL) Gull Island Rapids (Trans-Labrador Hwy) @ECAlertNL48
Newfoundland and Labrador (NL) Happy Valley-Goose Bay @ECAlertNL23
Newfoundland and Labrador (NL) Hopedale @ECAlertNL38
Newfoundland and Labrador (NL) La Scie @ECAlertNL22
Newfoundland and Labrador (NL) Labrador City @ECAlertNL20
Newfoundland and Labrador (NL) L'Anse-au-Loup @ECAlertNL45
Newfoundland and Labrador (NL) Lewisporte @ECAlertNL9
Newfoundland and Labrador (NL) Makkovik @ECAlertNL25
Newfoundland and Labrador (NL) Marble Mountain @ECAlertNL26
Newfoundland and Labrador (NL) Mary's Harbour @ECAlertNL29
Newfoundland and Labrador (NL) Marystown @ECAlertNL3
Newfoundland and Labrador (NL) Musgrave Harbour @ECAlertNL10
Newfoundland and Labrador (NL) Nain @ECAlertNL40
Newfoundland and Labrador (NL) New-Wes-Valley @ECAlertNL42
Newfoundland and Labrador (NL) Placentia @ECAlertNL30
Newfoundland and Labrador (NL) Port au Choix @ECAlertNL11
Newfoundland and Labrador (NL) Rigolet @ECAlertNL46
Newfoundland and Labrador (NL) Rocky Harbour @ECAlertNL13
Newfoundland and Labrador (NL) St Alban's @ECAlertNL8
Newfoundland and Labrador (NL) St. Anthony @ECAlertNL37
Newfoundland and Labrador (NL) St. John's @ECAlertNL24
Newfoundland and Labrador (NL) St. Lawrence @ECAlertNL36
Newfoundland and Labrador (NL) Stephenville @ECAlertNL27
Newfoundland and Labrador (NL) Terra Nova (National Park) @ECAlertNL15
Newfoundland and Labrador (NL) Twillingate @ECAlertNL35
Newfoundland and Labrador (NL) Wabush Lake @ECAlertNL12
Newfoundland and Labrador (NL) Winterland @ECAlertNL19
Newfoundland and Labrador (NL) Wreckhouse @ECAlertNL18
Nova Scotia (NS) Amherst @ECAlertNS33
Nova Scotia (NS) Annapolis Royal @ECAlertNS2
Nova Scotia (NS) Antigonish @ECAlertNS3
Nova Scotia (NS) Baccaro Point @ECAlertNS37
Nova Scotia (NS) Baddeck @ECAlertNS4
Nova Scotia (NS) Beaver Island @ECAlertNS36
Nova Scotia (NS) Bridgetown @ECAlertNS5
Nova Scotia (NS) Bridgewater @ECAlertNS6
Nova Scotia (NS) Brier Island @ECAlertNS27
Nova Scotia (NS) Cape George @ECAlertNS41
Nova Scotia (NS) Caribou @ECAlertNS34
Nova Scotia (NS) Chéticamp @ECAlertNS38
Nova Scotia (NS) Digby @ECAlertNS20
Nova Scotia (NS) Economy @ECAlertNS7
Nova Scotia (NS) Eskasoni @ECAlertNS44
Nova Scotia (NS) Fourchu Head @ECAlertNS24
Nova Scotia (NS) Grand Étang @ECAlertNS32
Nova Scotia (NS) Greenwood @ECAlertNS35
Nova Scotia (NS) Guysborough @ECAlertNS8
Nova Scotia (NS) Halifax @ECAlertNS19
Nova Scotia (NS) Halifax (Shearwater) @ECAlertNS40
Nova Scotia (NS) Hart Island @ECAlertNS23
Nova Scotia (NS) Ingonish @ECAlertNS16
Nova Scotia (NS) Kejimkujik (National Park) @ECAlertNS42
Nova Scotia (NS) Kentville @ECAlertNS17
Nova Scotia (NS) Liverpool @ECAlertNS39
Nova Scotia (NS) Lunenburg @ECAlertNS21
Nova Scotia (NS) Malay Falls @ECAlertNS22
Nova Scotia (NS) New Glasgow @ECAlertNS1
Nova Scotia (NS) North East Margaree @ECAlertNS18
Nova Scotia (NS) North Mountain (Cape Breton) @ECAlertNS43
Nova Scotia (NS) Parrsboro @ECAlertNS13
Nova Scotia (NS) Port Hawkesbury @ECAlertNS26
Nova Scotia (NS) Sheet Harbour @ECAlertNS10
Nova Scotia (NS) Shelburne @ECAlertNS11
Nova Scotia (NS) St. Peter's @ECAlertNS12
Nova Scotia (NS) Sydney @ECAlertNS31
Nova Scotia (NS) Tatamagouche @ECAlertNS14
Nova Scotia (NS) Tracadie @ECAlertNS28
Nova Scotia (NS) Truro @ECAlertNS25
Nova Scotia (NS) Western Head @ECAlertNS30
Nova Scotia (NS) Windsor @ECAlertNS15
Nova Scotia (NS) Yarmouth @ECAlertNS29
Northwest Territories (NT) Aklavik @ECAlertNT13
Northwest Territories (NT) Colville Lake @ECAlertNT26
Northwest Territories (NT) Deline @ECAlertNT22
Northwest Territories (NT) Detah @ECAlertNT1
Northwest Territories (NT) Enterprise @ECAlertNT2
Northwest Territories (NT) Fort Good Hope @ECAlertNT5
Northwest Territories (NT) Fort Liard @ECAlertNT29
Northwest Territories (NT) Fort McPherson @ECAlertNT10
Northwest Territories (NT) Fort Providence @ECAlertNT27
Northwest Territories (NT) Fort Resolution @ECAlertNT3
Northwest Territories (NT) Fort Simpson @ECAlertNT4
Northwest Territories (NT) Fort Smith @ECAlertNT17
Northwest Territories (NT) Gameti @ECAlertNT18
Northwest Territories (NT) Hay River @ECAlertNT8
Northwest Territories (NT) Indin River @ECAlertNT28
Northwest Territories (NT) Inuvik @ECAlertNT30
Northwest Territories (NT) Lutselke @ECAlertNT31
Northwest Territories (NT) Nahanni Butte @ECAlertNT12
Northwest Territories (NT) Norman Wells @ECAlertNT21
Northwest Territories (NT) Paulatuk @ECAlertNT16
Northwest Territories (NT) Sachs Harbour @ECAlertNT19
Northwest Territories (NT) Sambaa K'e @ECAlertNT15
Northwest Territories (NT) Tuktoyaktuk @ECAlertNT20
Northwest Territories (NT) Tulita @ECAlertNT11
Northwest Territories (NT) Ulukhaktok @ECAlertNT7
Northwest Territories (NT) Wekweeti @ECAlertNT9
Northwest Territories (NT) Whati @ECAlertNT6
Northwest Territories (NT) Wrigley @ECAlertNT23
Northwest Territories (NT) Yellowknife @ECAlertNT24
Nunavut (NU) Arctic Bay @ECAlertNU10
Nunavut (NU) Arviat @ECAlertNU20
Nunavut (NU) Baker Lake @ECAlertNU14
Nunavut (NU) Cambridge Bay @ECAlertNU15
Nunavut (NU) Cape Dorset @ECAlertNU2
Nunavut (NU) Chesterfield @ECAlertNU17
Nunavut (NU) Clyde River @ECAlertNU18
Nunavut (NU) Coral Harbour @ECAlertNU9
Nunavut (NU) Gjoa Haven @ECAlertNU24
Nunavut (NU) Grise Fiord @ECAlertNU12
Nunavut (NU) Hall Beach @ECAlertNU4
Nunavut (NU) Igloolik @ECAlertNU23
Nunavut (NU) Iqaluit @ECAlertNU21
Nunavut (NU) Kimmirut @ECAlertNU26
Nunavut (NU) Kugaaruk @ECAlertNU13
Nunavut (NU) Kugluktuk @ECAlertNU16
Nunavut (NU) Nanisivik @ECAlertNU1
Nunavut (NU) Nuajaat @ECAlertNU3
Nunavut (NU) Pangnirtung @ECAlertNU7
Nunavut (NU) Pond Inlet @ECAlertNU25
Nunavut (NU) Qikiqtarjuaq @ECAlertNU5
Nunavut (NU) Rankin Inlet @ECAlertNU28
Nunavut (NU) Resolute @ECAlertNU27
Nunavut (NU) Sanikiluaq @ECAlertNU29
Nunavut (NU) Taloyoak @ECAlertNU8
Nunavut (NU) Whale Cove @ECAlertNU6
Ontario (ON) Alexandria @ECAlertON122
Ontario (ON) Algonquin Park (Brent) @ECAlertON1
Ontario (ON) Algonquin Park (Lake of Two Rivers) @ECAlertON29
Ontario (ON) Alliston @ECAlertON114
Ontario (ON) Apsley @ECAlertON30
Ontario (ON) Armstrong @ECAlertON111
Ontario (ON) Atikokan @ECAlertON148
Ontario (ON) Attawapiskat @ECAlertON164
Ontario (ON) Bancroft @ECAlertON102
Ontario (ON) Barrie @ECAlertON151
Ontario (ON) Barry's Bay @ECAlertON133
Ontario (ON) Belleville @ECAlertON3
Ontario (ON) Big Trout Lake @ECAlertON124
Ontario (ON) Blind River @ECAlertON21
Ontario (ON) Bracebridge @ECAlertON9
Ontario (ON) Brampton @ECAlertON4
Ontario (ON) Brantford @ECAlertON86
Ontario (ON) Brockville @ECAlertON8
Ontario (ON) Burk's Falls @ECAlertON31
Ontario (ON) Burlington @ECAlertON95
Ontario (ON) Caledon @ECAlertON32
Ontario (ON) Cambridge @ECAlertON81
Ontario (ON) Chapleau @ECAlertON91
Ontario (ON) Chatham-Kent @ECAlertON11
Ontario (ON) Cobourg @ECAlertON75
Ontario (ON) Cochrane @ECAlertON33
Ontario (ON) Collingwood @ECAlertON150
Ontario (ON) Cornwall @ECAlertON152
Ontario (ON) Deep River @ECAlertON83
Ontario (ON) Dorion @ECAlertON34
Ontario (ON) Dryden @ECAlertON72
Ontario (ON) Dunchurch @ECAlertON35
Ontario (ON) Dundalk @ECAlertON36
Ontario (ON) Ear Falls @ECAlertON167
Ontario (ON) Earlton @ECAlertON136
Ontario (ON) Elliot Lake @ECAlertON170
Ontario (ON) Fort Albany @ECAlertON173
Ontario (ON) Fort Erie @ECAlertON12
Ontario (ON) Fort Frances @ECAlertON159
Ontario (ON) Fort Severn @ECAlertON171
Ontario (ON) Gananoque @ECAlertON90
Ontario (ON) Goderich @ECAlertON160
Ontario (ON) Gogama @ECAlertON37
Ontario (ON) Gore Bay @ECAlertON144
Ontario (ON) Gravenhurst @ECAlertON38
Ontario (ON) Greater Napanee @ECAlertON39
Ontario (ON) Greater Sudbury @ECAlertON40
Ontario (ON) Greenstone (Beardmore) @ECAlertON153
Ontario (ON) Greenstone (Geraldton) @ECAlertON70
Ontario (ON) Greenstone (Nakina) @ECAlertON97
Ontario (ON) Guelph @ECAlertON5
Ontario (ON) Gull Bay @ECAlertON41
Ontario (ON) Haldimand County @ECAlertON42
Ontario (ON) Haliburton @ECAlertON165
Ontario (ON) Halton Hills @ECAlertON68
Ontario (ON) Hamilton @ECAlertON77
Ontario (ON) Hawkesbury @ECAlertON71
Ontario (ON) Hearst @ECAlertON73
Ontario (ON) Hornepayne @ECAlertON78
Ontario (ON) Huntsville @ECAlertON88
Ontario (ON) Ignace @ECAlertON156
Ontario (ON) Kakabeka Falls @ECAlertON145
Ontario (ON) Kaladar @ECAlertON43
Ontario (ON) Kapuskasing @ECAlertON142
Ontario (ON) Kawartha Lakes (Fenelon Falls) @ECAlertON44
Ontario (ON) Kawartha Lakes (Lindsay) @ECAlertON168
Ontario (ON) Kemptville @ECAlertON74
Ontario (ON) Kenora @ECAlertON96
Ontario (ON) Killarney @ECAlertON146
Ontario (ON) Kincardine @ECAlertON28
Ontario (ON) Kingston @ECAlertON69
Ontario (ON) Kirkland Lake @ECAlertON76
Ontario (ON) Kitchener-Waterloo @ECAlertON82
Ontario (ON) Lake Superior (Provincial Park) @ECAlertON45
Ontario (ON) Lambton Shores @ECAlertON46
Ontario (ON) Lansdowne House @ECAlertON87
Ontario (ON) Leamington @ECAlertON23
Ontario (ON) Lincoln @ECAlertON47
Ontario (ON) London @ECAlertON137
Ontario (ON) Marathon @ECAlertON108
Ontario (ON) Markham @ECAlertON85
Ontario (ON) Midland @ECAlertON169
Ontario (ON) Mine Centre @ECAlertON48
Ontario (ON) Mississauga @ECAlertON24
Ontario (ON) Montreal River Harbour @ECAlertON163
Ontario (ON) Moosonee @ECAlertON113
Ontario (ON) Morrisburg @ECAlertON92
Ontario (ON) Mount Forest @ECAlertON89
Ontario (ON) Muskoka @ECAlertON93
Ontario (ON) New Tecumseth @ECAlertON49
Ontario (ON) Newmarket @ECAlertON25
Ontario (ON) Niagara Falls @ECAlertON125
Ontario (ON) Nipigon @ECAlertON26
Ontario (ON) Norfolk @ECAlertON50
Ontario (ON) North Bay @ECAlertON139
Ontario (ON) North Perth @ECAlertON51
Ontario (ON) Oakville @ECAlertON79
Ontario (ON) Ogoki @ECAlertON101
Ontario (ON) Orangeville @ECAlertON140
Ontario (ON) Orillia @ECAlertON13
Ontario (ON) Oshawa @ECAlertON117
Ontario (ON) Ottawa (Kanata - Orléans) @ECAlertON118
Ontario (ON) Ottawa (Richmond - Metcalfe) @ECAlertON52
Ontario (ON) Owen Sound @ECAlertON7
Ontario (ON) Oxtongue Lake @ECAlertON53
Ontario (ON) Parry Sound @ECAlertON103
Ontario (ON) Peawanuck @ECAlertON99
Ontario (ON) Pembroke @ECAlertON131
Ontario (ON) Petawawa @ECAlertON112
Ontario (ON) Peterborough @ECAlertON121
Ontario (ON) Pickering @ECAlertON54
Ontario (ON) Pickle Lake @ECAlertON120
Ontario (ON) Pikangikum @ECAlertON55
Ontario (ON) Port Carling @ECAlertON56
Ontario (ON) Port Colborne @ECAlertON80
Ontario (ON) Port Elgin @ECAlertON19
Ontario (ON) Port Perry @ECAlertON149
Ontario (ON) Prince Edward (Picton) @ECAlertON27
Ontario (ON) Quinte West @ECAlertON57
Ontario (ON) Red Lake @ECAlertON104
Ontario (ON) Renfrew @ECAlertON58
Ontario (ON) Richmond Hill @ECAlertON59
Ontario (ON) Rodney @ECAlertON172
Ontario (ON) Rondeau (Provincial Park) @ECAlertON141
Ontario (ON) Sachigo Lake @ECAlertON105
Ontario (ON) Sandy Lake @ECAlertON129
Ontario (ON) Sarnia @ECAlertON147
Ontario (ON) Saugeen Shores @ECAlertON60
Ontario (ON) Sault Ste. Marie @ECAlertON162
Ontario (ON) Savant Lake @ECAlertON134
Ontario (ON) Sharbot Lake @ECAlertON61
Ontario (ON) Shelburne @ECAlertON84
Ontario (ON) Simcoe @ECAlertON161
Ontario (ON) Sioux Lookout @ECAlertON135
Ontario (ON) Sioux Narrows @ECAlertON166
Ontario (ON) Smiths Falls @ECAlertON106
Ontario (ON) South Bruce Peninsula @ECAlertON62
Ontario (ON) St. Catharines @ECAlertON107
Ontario (ON) St. Thomas @ECAlertON98
Ontario (ON) Stirling @ECAlertON115
Ontario (ON) Stratford @ECAlertON116
Ontario (ON) Strathroy @ECAlertON18
Ontario (ON) Sudbury (Greater) @ECAlertON174
Ontario (ON) Sydenham @ECAlertON63
Ontario (ON) Temiskaming Shores @ECAlertON22
Ontario (ON) Terrace Bay @ECAlertON123
Ontario (ON) Thunder Bay @ECAlertON100
Ontario (ON) Tillsonburg @ECAlertON17
Ontario (ON) Timmins @ECAlertON127
Ontario (ON) Tobermory @ECAlertON157
Ontario (ON) Toronto @ECAlertON143
Ontario (ON) Toronto Island @ECAlertON128
Ontario (ON) Trenton @ECAlertON126
Ontario (ON) Upsala @ECAlertON154
Ontario (ON) Vaughan @ECAlertON64
Ontario (ON) Vineland @ECAlertON109
Ontario (ON) Walkerton @ECAlertON16
Ontario (ON) Wawa @ECAlertON138
Ontario (ON) Webequie @ECAlertON132
Ontario (ON) Welland @ECAlertON14
Ontario (ON) West Nipissing @ECAlertON65
Ontario (ON) Westport @ECAlertON66
Ontario (ON) Whitby @ECAlertON119
Ontario (ON) White River @ECAlertON67
Ontario (ON) Wiarton @ECAlertON130
Ontario (ON) Winchester @ECAlertON155
Ontario (ON) Windsor @ECAlertON94
Ontario (ON) Wingham @ECAlertON110
Ontario (ON) Woodstock @ECAlertON15
Ontario (ON) Wunnummin Lake @ECAlertON158
Prince Edward Island (PE) Charlottetown @ECAlertPE5
Prince Edward Island (PE) East Point @ECAlertPE6
Prince Edward Island (PE) Maple Plains @ECAlertPE2
Prince Edward Island (PE) North Cape @ECAlertPE1
Prince Edward Island (PE) St. Peters Bay @ECAlertPE4
Prince Edward Island (PE) Summerside @ECAlertPE3
Quebec (QC) Akulivik @ECAlertQC36
Quebec (QC) Alma @ECAlertQC144
Quebec (QC) Amos @ECAlertQC168
Quebec (QC) Amqui @ECAlertQC146
Quebec (QC) Asbestos @ECAlertQC38
Quebec (QC) Aupaluk @ECAlertQC117
Quebec (QC) Bagotville @ECAlertQC161
Quebec (QC) Baie-Comeau @ECAlertQC160
Quebec (QC) Baie-James @ECAlertQC69
Quebec (QC) Baie-Saint-Paul @ECAlertQC165
Quebec (QC) Beauceville @ECAlertQC48
Quebec (QC) Beauharnois @ECAlertQC49
Quebec (QC) Bécancour @ECAlertQC50
Quebec (QC) Bernières @ECAlertQC51
Quebec (QC) Berthierville @ECAlertQC25
Quebec (QC) Blainville @ECAlertQC52
Quebec (QC) Blanc-Sablon @ECAlertQC163
Quebec (QC) Boisbriand @ECAlertQC53
Quebec (QC) Bonaventure @ECAlertQC54
Quebec (QC) Candiac @ECAlertQC55
Quebec (QC) Cap Chat @ECAlertQC120
Quebec (QC) Carignan @ECAlertQC56
Quebec (QC) Carleton-sur-Mer @ECAlertQC57
Quebec (QC) Chambly @ECAlertQC58
Quebec (QC) Chandler @ECAlertQCD4
Quebec (QC) Charlevoix @ECAlertQC119
Quebec (QC) Chelsea @ECAlertQC59
Quebec (QC) Chevery @ECAlertQC152
Quebec (QC) Chibougamau @ECAlertQC121
Quebec (QC) Coaticook @ECAlertQC60
Quebec (QC) Contrecoeur @ECAlertQC46
Quebec (QC) Cowansville @ECAlertQC61
Quebec (QC) Delson @ECAlertQC62
Quebec (QC) Deux-Montagnes @ECAlertQC63
Quebec (QC) Dolbeau-Mistassini @ECAlertQC64
Quebec (QC) Donnacona @ECAlertQC65
Quebec (QC) Drummondville @ECAlertQC2
Quebec (QC) Escoumins @ECAlertQC26
Quebec (QC) Farnham @ECAlertQC140
Quebec (QC) Fermont @ECAlertQC29
Quebec (QC) Forestville @ECAlertQC27
Quebec (QC) Forillon @ECAlertQC67
Quebec (QC) Forillon (National Park) @ECAlertQC95
Quebec (QC) Gaspé @ECAlertQC101
Quebec (QC) Gaspésie (Parc national) @ECAlertQC94
Quebec (QC) Gatineau @ECAlertQC126
Quebec (QC) Gouin (Réservoir) @ECAlertQCA1
Quebec (QC) Granby @ECAlertQC5
Quebec (QC) Grande-Vallée @ECAlertQC169
Quebec (QC) Havre St-Pierre @ECAlertQC104
Quebec (QC) Huntingdon @ECAlertQC68
Quebec (QC) Îles-de-la-Madeleine @ECAlertQC103
Quebec (QC) Inukjuak @ECAlertQC131
Quebec (QC) Ivujivik @ECAlertQC112
Quebec (QC) Joliette @ECAlertQC137
Quebec (QC) Kamouraska @ECAlertQC70
Quebec (QC) Kangiqsualujjuaq @ECAlertQC118
Quebec (QC) Kangiqsujuaq @ECAlertQC155
Quebec (QC) Kangirsuk @ECAlertQC159
Quebec (QC) Kuujjuaq @ECAlertQC150
Quebec (QC) Kuujjuarapik @ECAlertQC105
Quebec (QC) La Grande Rivière @ECAlertQC158
Quebec (QC) La Grande-Quatre @ECAlertQC100
Quebec (QC) La Malbaie @ECAlertQC11
Quebec (QC) La Prairie @ECAlertQC71
Quebec (QC) La Sarre @ECAlertQC45
Quebec (QC) La Tuque @ECAlertQC154
Quebec (QC) La Vérendrye (Réserve faunique) @ECAlertQC30
Quebec (QC) Lac Raglan @ECAlertQC99
Quebec (QC) Lachute @ECAlertQC14
Quebec (QC) Lac-Mégantic @ECAlertQC72
Quebec (QC) Lac-Saint-Jean @ECAlertQC73
Quebec (QC) Lanaudière @ECAlertQC74
Quebec (QC) L'Assomption @ECAlertQC156
Quebec (QC) Laurentides (Réserve faunique) @ECAlertQC113
Quebec (QC) Laval @ECAlertQC76
Quebec (QC) Le Gardeur @ECAlertQCD3
Quebec (QC) Lévis @ECAlertQC78
Quebec (QC) L'Islet @ECAlertQC77
Quebec (QC) Longueuil @ECAlertQC109
Quebec (QC) Lorraine @ECAlertQC81
Quebec (QC) Louiseville @ECAlertQCD2
Quebec (QC) Magog @ECAlertQC83
Quebec (QC) Manicouagan @ECAlertQC153
Quebec (QC) Maniwaki @ECAlertQC102
Quebec (QC) Marieville @ECAlertQC84
Quebec (QC) Mascouche @ECAlertQC85
Quebec (QC) Matagami @ECAlertQC129
Quebec (QC) Matane @ECAlertQC15
Quebec (QC) Matapedia @ECAlertQC151
Quebec (QC) Mauricie @ECAlertQC89
Quebec (QC) Mingan @ECAlertQC90
Quebec (QC) Mirabel @ECAlertQC123
Quebec (QC) Mont Saint-Hilaire @ECAlertQC92
Quebec (QC) Mont-Joli @ECAlertQC127
Quebec (QC) Mont-Laurier @ECAlertQC47
Quebec (QC) Montmagny @ECAlertQC124
Quebec (QC) Montréal @ECAlertQC147
Quebec (QC) Mont-Tremblant @ECAlertQC167
Quebec (QC) Murdochville @ECAlertQC16
Quebec (QC) Natashquan @ECAlertQC125
Quebec (QC) New Carlisle @ECAlertQC111
Quebec (QC) Nicolet @ECAlertQC110
Quebec (QC) Otterburn Park @ECAlertQC93
Quebec (QC) Papineau @ECAlertQC17
Quebec (QC) Parent @ECAlertQC114
Quebec (QC) Percé @ECAlertQC18
Quebec (QC) Pincourt @ECAlertQC96
Quebec (QC) Pointe-à-la-Croix @ECAlertQC20
Quebec (QC) Pontiac @ECAlertQC19
Quebec (QC) Port-Cartier @ECAlertQC97
Quebec (QC) Port-Menier @ECAlertQC142
Quebec (QC) Prévost @ECAlertQC98
Quebec (QC) Puvirnituq @ECAlertQC40
Quebec (QC) Quaqtaq @ECAlertQC106
Quebec (QC) Québec @ECAlertQC133
Quebec (QC) Repentigny @ECAlertQCA0
Quebec (QC) Richelieu @ECAlertQC21
Quebec (QC) Rigaud @ECAlertQCA2
Quebec (QC) Rimouski @ECAlertQC138
Quebec (QC) Rivière-du-Loup @ECAlertQC108
Quebec (QC) Roberval @ECAlertQC134
Quebec (QC) Rosemère @ECAlertQCA3
Quebec (QC) Rouyn-Noranda @ECAlertQC148
Quebec (QC) Saguenay @ECAlertQC166
Quebec (QC) Saint-Amable @ECAlertQCA5
Quebec (QC) Saint-Basile Le Grand @ECAlertQCA6
Quebec (QC) Saint-Constant @ECAlertQCA7
Quebec (QC) Sainte-Agathe @ECAlertQC33
Quebec (QC) Sainte-Anne-Des-Monts @ECAlertQCA8
Quebec (QC) Sainte-Anne-Des-Plaines @ECAlertQCA9
Quebec (QC) Sainte-Catherine @ECAlertQCB0
Quebec (QC) Sainte-Julie @ECAlertQCB1
Quebec (QC) Sainte-Sophie @ECAlertQCB2
Quebec (QC) Sainte-Thérèse @ECAlertQCB3
Quebec (QC) Saint-Eustache @ECAlertQCB4
Quebec (QC) Saint-Félicien @ECAlertQCB5
Quebec (QC) Saint-Georges @ECAlertQCB6
Quebec (QC) Saint-Hyacinthe @ECAlertQC22
Quebec (QC) Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu @ECAlertQC28
Quebec (QC) Saint-Jérôme @ECAlertQC13
Quebec (QC) Saint-Lazare @ECAlertQCB7
Quebec (QC) Saint-Lin-Laurentides @ECAlertQCB8
Quebec (QC) Saint-Luc @ECAlertQCB9
Quebec (QC) Saint-Michel-des-Saints @ECAlertQCC0
Quebec (QC) Saint-Nicéphore @ECAlertQCC1
Quebec (QC) Saint-Rémi @ECAlertQCC2
Quebec (QC) Saint-Sauveur @ECAlertQCC3
Quebec (QC) Saint-Timothée @ECAlertQCC4
Quebec (QC) Salaberry-de-Valleyfield @ECAlertQC143
Quebec (QC) Salluit @ECAlertQC128
Quebec (QC) Schefferville @ECAlertQC115
Quebec (QC) Sept-Îles @ECAlertQC141
Quebec (QC) Shawinigan @ECAlertQC132
Quebec (QC) Sherbrooke @ECAlertQC136
Quebec (QC) Sorel-Tracy @ECAlertQCC6
Quebec (QC) Sutton @ECAlertQC135
Quebec (QC) Tadoussac @ECAlertQC107
Quebec (QC) Tasiujaq @ECAlertQC145
Quebec (QC) Témiscamingue @ECAlertQC139
Quebec (QC) Temiscouata @ECAlertQC35
Quebec (QC) Terrebonne @ECAlertQCC7
Quebec (QC) Thetford Mines @ECAlertQCC8
Quebec (QC) Tracy @ECAlertQCC9
Quebec (QC) Trois-Pistoles @ECAlertQC24
Quebec (QC) Trois-Rivières @ECAlertQC130
Quebec (QC) Umiujaq @ECAlertQC122
Quebec (QC) Val-des-Monts @ECAlertQC42
Quebec (QC) Val-d'Or @ECAlertQC149
Quebec (QC) Vallée de la Matapédia @ECAlertQCD0
Quebec (QC) Vanier @ECAlertQC41
Quebec (QC) Varennes @ECAlertQC162
Quebec (QC) Vaudreuil-Dorion @ECAlertQC66
Quebec (QC) Victoriaville @ECAlertQC157
Quebec (QC) Waskaganish @ECAlertQC116
Saskatchewan (SK) Assiniboia @ECAlertSK51
Saskatchewan (SK) Biggar @ECAlertSK2
Saskatchewan (SK) Broadview @ECAlertSK48
Saskatchewan (SK) Buffalo Narrows @ECAlertSK39
Saskatchewan (SK) Canora @ECAlertSK3
Saskatchewan (SK) Carlyle @ECAlertSK4
Saskatchewan (SK) Collins Bay @ECAlertSK30
Saskatchewan (SK) Coronach @ECAlertSK42
Saskatchewan (SK) Cypress Hills (Provincial Park) @ECAlertSK29
Saskatchewan (SK) Eastend @ECAlertSK45
Saskatchewan (SK) Elbow @ECAlertSK18
Saskatchewan (SK) Estevan @ECAlertSK53
Saskatchewan (SK) Fort Qu'Appelle @ECAlertSK5
Saskatchewan (SK) Hudson Bay @ECAlertSK17
Saskatchewan (SK) Humboldt @ECAlertSK6
Saskatchewan (SK) Indian Head @ECAlertSK43
Saskatchewan (SK) Kamsack @ECAlertSK7
Saskatchewan (SK) Key Lake @ECAlertSK20
Saskatchewan (SK) Kindersley @ECAlertSK21
Saskatchewan (SK) La Loche @ECAlertSK13
Saskatchewan (SK) La Ronge @ECAlertSK38
Saskatchewan (SK) Last Mountain Lake (Sanctuary) @ECAlertSK35
Saskatchewan (SK) Leader @ECAlertSK52
Saskatchewan (SK) Lloydminster @ECAlertSK56
Saskatchewan (SK) Lucky Lake @ECAlertSK14
Saskatchewan (SK) Maple Creek @ECAlertSK16
Saskatchewan (SK) Meadow Lake @ECAlertSK22
Saskatchewan (SK) Melfort @ECAlertSK46
Saskatchewan (SK) Melville @ECAlertSK8
Saskatchewan (SK) Moose Jaw @ECAlertSK24
Saskatchewan (SK) Moosomin @ECAlertSK9
Saskatchewan (SK) Nipawin @ECAlertSK47
Saskatchewan (SK) North Battleford @ECAlertSK34
Saskatchewan (SK) Outlook @ECAlertSK37
Saskatchewan (SK) Oxbow @ECAlertSK10
Saskatchewan (SK) Pelican Narrows @ECAlertSK55
Saskatchewan (SK) Prince Albert @ECAlertSK27
Saskatchewan (SK) Regina @ECAlertSK32
Saskatchewan (SK) Rockglen @ECAlertSK54
Saskatchewan (SK) Rosetown @ECAlertSK23
Saskatchewan (SK) Rosthern @ECAlertSK1
Saskatchewan (SK) Saskatoon @ECAlertSK40
Saskatchewan (SK) Scott @ECAlertSK26
Saskatchewan (SK) Shaunavon @ECAlertSK11
Saskatchewan (SK) Southend Reindeer @ECAlertSK50
Saskatchewan (SK) Spiritwood @ECAlertSK25
Saskatchewan (SK) Stony Rapids @ECAlertSK36
Saskatchewan (SK) Swift Current @ECAlertSK41
Saskatchewan (SK) Tisdale @ECAlertSK12
Saskatchewan (SK) Uranium City @ECAlertSK44
Saskatchewan (SK) Val Marie @ECAlertSK28
Saskatchewan (SK) Waskesiu Lake @ECAlertSK15
Saskatchewan (SK) Watrous @ECAlertSK49
Saskatchewan (SK) Weyburn @ECAlertSK31
Saskatchewan (SK) Wynyard @ECAlertSK19
Saskatchewan (SK) Yorkton @ECAlertSK33
Yukon (YK) Beaver Creek @ECAlertYT15
Yukon (YK) Burwash Landing @ECAlertYT7
Yukon (YK) Carcross @ECAlertYT2
Yukon (YK) Carmacks @ECAlertYT17
Yukon (YK) Dawson @ECAlertYT6
Yukon (YK) Dempster (Highway) @ECAlertYT4
Yukon (YK) Faro @ECAlertYT12
Yukon (YK) Haines Junction @ECAlertYT5
Yukon (YK) Kluane Lake @ECAlertYT1
Yukon (YK) Mayo @ECAlertYT10
Yukon (YK) Old Crow @ECAlertYT11
Yukon (YK) Rancheria @ECAlertYT3
Yukon (YK) Rock River @ECAlertYT9
Yukon (YK) Ross River @ECAlertYT8
Yukon (YK) Teslin @ECAlertYT14
Yukon (YK) Watson Lake @ECAlertYT13
Yukon (YK) Whitehorse @ECAlertYT16
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