Video: Introducing FCAC’s National Financial Literacy Strategy


We live in a world where we are bombarded with all sorts of information every day. Financial information, in particular, is difficult to understand, financial decisions are complex, they’re emotional. They impact the quality of our lives – and not just today, but for many of our tomorrows as well.  

Basically, it’s scary. It’s confusing. It can all seem quite overwhelming. 

This strategy is about making the management of money seem less overwhelming. It doesn’t ask or expect consumers in Canada to do more. Rather, it says, let’s change the system to make it easier for financial consumers to do less.  

Instead of placing the onus on consumers, FCAC’s National Financial Literacy Strategy lays out a framework, for stakeholders across our nation to work together, to build a more inclusive, a more accessible, and a more effective financial ecosystem for all Canadians. An ecosystem that will enable and facilitate Canadians’ ability to achieve good financial outcomes and build financial resilience.   

And because our ecosystem is comprised of stakeholders who are deeply committed to helping Canadians achieve good financial outcomes, I am confident that together, we can make change that counts.

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