Managing debt

Managing debt

Paying down debt, what to do if a collection agency contacts you and getting help with debt.


Services and information

Making a plan to manage your debt

A step-by-step process for paying back your debt.

Dealing with a debt collector

Dealing with a debt collector, your rights and how to pay back your debt.

Getting help from a credit counsellor

Finding a reputable agency, debt management plans and comparing options to repay debt.

Using a debt settlement company

Things to consider before you sign up with a debt settlement company.

Consumer proposals

How to make a formal offer to creditors to settle debts under conditions other than the original terms.

Filing for bankruptcy

An overview of the bankruptcy process that helps individuals who are unable to pay their debts.

Managing your money when interest rates rise

How your loan payments may increase if interest rates rise.

Financial Goal Calculator

Calculate how to pay down your debt and reach your savings goals.

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