Pooled Registered Pension Plan cost comparison table

The following table compares the “costs” of federally registered Pooled Registered Pension Plans (PRPPs).

Costs are defined as “all fees, levies and other charges that reduce a member’s return on investment other than those that are triggered by the member’s actions.” The table below does not include fees, levies and other charges that members may incur through their own actions. These may include fees for withdrawals, transfers, duplicate statements and other services. These charges will vary, depending on the PRPP administrator. For more information, contact the PRPP administrator.

PRPP availability

Federal PRPP legislation applies only to self-employed persons and employees of either federally regulated businesses and industries (banks, telecommunications companies, interprovincial transportation sectors, etc.) or of employers located in the Yukon, Northwest Territories or Nunavut.Footnote 1 

Administrator/PRPP Issuer​ ​Investment Option Name Investment Management FeeFootnote 2 Annual Administrative FeesFootnote 3
​Manulife Financial Manulife Target Date Income Fund ​(default option)Footnote 4 1.20% ​$1.25/mo*
​Manulife Financial ​Manulife Daily High Interest Fund ​0.90% ​​$1.25/mo*
​Manulife Financial Manulife ​Asset Management Canadian Bond Index Fund 1.20% ​​$1.25/mo*
​Manulife Financial Manulife ​Balanced Index Fund 1.20% ​​$1.25/mo*
​Manulife Financial ​Manulife Asset Management Canadian Equity Index Fund 1.20% ​​​$1.25/mo*
​Manulife Financial Manulife ​Global Equity Index Fund 1.20% ​​​$1.25/mo*

* This fee is waived if the participant chooses to receive their statements electronically rather than on paper.

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