Information for Government of Canada employees: Coronavirus disease (COVID-19)

Working remotely, illness and leave, your health and safety at work, your rights and responsibilities as Government of Canada employees

Services and information

Hybrid in the workplace

Common hybrid work model for the federal public service.

Employee illness and leave requests

What to do if you become ill, vaccination-, illness- and family-related leave, health care plan

Working remotely

Setting up your workspace, using the network, virtual meetings, managing your work

Occupational health guidance

Advice for federal departments – Public Service Occupational Health Program (PSOHP)

Your mental health

Protect your mental health, get help, balance work and personal responsibilities, support employees and teams

Reported cases in the federal public service

Number of confirmed COVID-19 cases among federal public servants

Vaccination data

Vaccination status in the core public administration

Your rights and responsibilities

Your rights and responsibilities as an employee, measures to take as a manager

Working on-site

Occupational health and safety, access to worksites

Key contacts for employees

Work-related concerns, mental health support, occupational health and safety

COVID-19 for all Canadians

Canada’s response to COVID-19, update on cases in Canada, information about prevention and risk

Vaccination in the public service

Suspension of the vaccination requirement

Updates on COVID-19 for Government of Canada employees

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New content, updates and notices on COVID-19 for Government of Canada employees
Title Date
Reported cases of Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in the federal public service Updated 2022-05-25
Message from the Chief Human Resources Officer: Update on occupational health guidance related to COVID-19 and occupancy of federal workspaces New 2021-12-17
General Occupational Health Advisory on COVID-19 – Public Service Occupational Health Program (PSOHP) Updated 2021-11-10
COVID-19 vaccination for federal public servants New 2021-10-06
Message from the Chief Human Resources Officer: Update on guidance with respect to the occupancy of federal workspaces 2021-05-28
Message from the Chief Human Resources Officer: (Update) Local and federal occupational health guidance on masks 2021-05-10
President of the Treasury Board urges all eligible federal public servants to get vaccinated against COVID-19 2021-05-04
COVID-19 update further to implementation of interprovincial border checkpoints 2021-04-17
Message from the Chief Human Resources Officer: COVID-19 update further to retightening of restrictions in certain jurisdictions 2020-11-24
Message from the Chief Human Resources Officer: COVID-19: Other Leave With Pay (699) guidance 2020-10-22
Coronavirus disease (COVID-19): Employee illness and leave 2020-10-22
Message from the Chief Human Resources Officer: COVID-19 – situational update 2020-10-06
Coronavirus disease (COVID-19): Extension of time limits – Public service pension plan 2020-09-25
Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) – Guidance for managers: Disability Insurance (DI) Plan 2020-08-12
Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) – Guidance for managers: Long Term Disability (LTD) claims under the Public Service Management Insurance Plan (PSMIP) 2020-08-12
If you need to take time off because of COVID-19 2020-06-30
Temporary changes: Dental care plans 2020-06-30
Non-medical masks and/or face coverings 2020-06-23
Responding to the easing of restrictions 2020-06-22
Statement by the Honourable Jean-Yves Duclos on the easing of restrictions related to COVID-19 2020-06-22
Government operations – second language evaluations 2020-06-16
Mental health and COVID-19: Manage psychosocial risks 2020-05-14
Easing of COVID-related restrictions at worksites and 2019 mental health checklist – Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) 2020-05-08
Mental Health Week (Clerk of the Privy Council) 2020-05-05
Managing government information when working remotely 2020-04-29
Mental health and COVID-19: Caregiving while working 2020-04-28
Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) – Provisions providing flexibility: Public service pension plan (Government of Canada Pension Centre) 2020-04-28
Flexibilities for the Public Service Health Care Plan (CHRO) 2020-04-24
Mental health and COVID-19 (CHRO) 2020-04-09
Message to all employees on COVID-19 (Clerk of the Privy Council) 2020-04-07
COVID-19: Leave provisions, employer-employee conversations and work equipment (CHRO) 2020-04-06
COVID-19: Mobility and access to essential infrastructure (CHRO) 2020-04-01
Policy suite reset, performance management and working remotely (CHRO) 2020-03-30
COVID-19: Temporary Public Service Health Care Plan changes (PDF) (CHRO) 2020-03-24
COVID-19 tracking system (PDF) (CHRO) 2020-03-23
Update: Guidance on gatherings in the workplace (PDF) (CHRO) 2020-03-22
Working remotely, including telework (PDF) (CHRO) 2020-03-21
Message on students, casuals and terms under 3 months, mental health, travel advice, cyber security and web content (PDF) (CHRO) 2020-03-18
Follow-up on COVID-19: Clear directives to be issued (PDF) (CHRO) 2020-03-15
Follow-up on COVID-19: Guidance on a number of issues (PDF) (CHRO) 2020-03-13
Update on COVID-19 (PDF) (CHRO) 2020-03-09
Update on COVID-19: Review of organizational preparedness (PDF) (CHRO) 2020-02-25
Information about 2019 novel coronavirus (PDF) (CHRO) 2020-01-28

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