Mental health in the workplace: make a difference

Mental health in the workplace: make a difference - Transcript

At any given time, everyone is somewhere along the mental health continuum as we all have mental health. We are all concerned with our wellness.

Striking a balance in all aspects of life is a learning process.

Many factors can affect mental health.

Mental illness can be one of those factors. It can affect a person’s mental health and normal activities over any period of time.

1 in every 3 Canadians is affected by mental illness during their lifetime

A healthy workplace is the foundation of an effective, productive and engaged federal public service.

The Government has developed a Mental Health Strategy with a vision to create a workplace where we can talk honestly and with compassion, in an environment free of stigma.

Since June 2016, many of you have provided your feedback on this Strategy.

The Government will continue to work with you on addressing mental health in the workplace.

Make a difference by speaking up.

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