Report a regulatory cooperation barrier

From: Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat

Regulatory barriers may include things like unnecessary regulatory differences, divergent standards, duplicative product testing and approval processes, overlapping inspection, or certification procedures across jurisdictions.

If you have encountered a regulatory barrier or know of an opportunity to enhance health, safety, security and environmental protection through regulatory cooperation, tell us about it.

What to include in your submission

1. Overview of the regulatory issue

  • Identify the regulatory issue
  • Describe the costs of misalignment
  • Briefly explain the potential benefits of resolving the issue
  • Explain how the issue is a regulatory matter

2. Canadian and/or international context surrounding the issue

  • Outline the market context and competitive conditions in Canada and other relevant jurisdictions (e.g. the United States, the European Union, etc.)
  • Summarize emerging market trends and evolution of the sector, if relevant
  • Describe how soon the issue should be resolved

3. Potential solutions

  • Provide potential solutions
  • Identify short, medium and long term goals or activities, where appropriate.

4. Prioritization of solutions, if more than one is proposed

If you propose several solutions, let us know which ones are the most important. Tell us if your ideas are similar to or compliment work that is already underway.

5. Impact on consumers, industry and others

  • Explain the impacts on consumers, industry and others
  • Quantify costs and benefits, if possible
  • Provide analysis and evidence, where possible

6. Level of support in other jurisdictions, if known.

Tell us if other jurisdictions and stakeholders support your proposal(s).

Submit a regulatory barrier

Send your submission to

Email inquiries may take up to 5 business days to respond to.

*Note: your submission may be shared with other departments to better assist you

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