Forward Planning

A forward regulatory plan is a description of anticipated regulatory changes or proposals that a department or agency intends to bring forward within a particular time frame.

Federal government departments and agencies make their forward regulatory plans publicly available on their websites. These plans describe upcoming regulatory proposals that departments or agencies plan to introduce over a 24-month period. A list of Government-wide forward regulatory plans is also available on the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat’s website.

Based on the Red Tape Reduction Commission's Recommendations Report: Cutting Red Tape...Freeing Business to Grow, the government has introduced forward regulatory plans to improve transparency and predictability for business and all Canadians.

Why are forward plans important?

Forward regulatory plans provide advance notice of the government's intent to regulate, thereby creating a more predictable regulatory environment so businesses and Canadians can plan ahead. By increasing awareness of upcoming regulatory changes, businesses, consumers and all Canadians will be able to better plan their future on regulations that will affect them.

How does it change current practices?

Adding forward regulatory plans to Canada's already transparent system enables business, consumers and all Canadians to be informed of, and engaged in, the regulatory process at the earliest possible stage. Forward plans support the government's Open Government initiative because it aims to make information about the government's regulatory initiatives available to Canadians on a proactive and ongoing basis in order to share knowledge and ensure accountability.

Guidelines and tools are available to help departments and agencies implement this new requirement.

How will success be measured?

To demonstrate results to business and to Canadians, an Annual Scorecard Report is published on the systemic regulatory reforms the government is putting in place, particularly on the implementation of the "One-for-One" Rule, the small business lens, and service standards for high volume regulatory authorizations.

Departments and agencies post their forward regulatory plans annually on their websites and update them once per year to reflect changing circumstances.

For more information

To learn about upcoming or ongoing consultations on proposed federal regulations, visit the Canada Gazette and Consulting with Canadians websites.

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